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Cirujano Hernandez (The Surgeon Hernandez)
Cirujano Hernandez (The Surgeon Hernandez)
Name Cirujano Hernandez (The Surgeon Hernandez)
Real name Servando Hernández González
Name history Cirujano/Cirujano Hernandez, Azote Negro II, Dr. Misterio
Family Galaxia 79, Dimension 2000, Steel Fox, (brothers), Latyn Queen (daughther)
Maestro(s) Mocho Cota, Rafael Salamanca, Rey Saul, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location October 23, 1961 - San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
Obituary date January 28, 2021
Debut, location 1977 - San Luis Potosí
Lost mask to Super Bolido
Height 172 cm
Weight 95 kg
Signature moves Submission Moves
Titles: Mexico State Lightheavyweight Championship, San Luis Potosí Lightheavyweight Championship, San Luis Potosí Trios Championship (w/Curro Hernandez & Ku Klux Klan), San Luis Potosí Tag Team Championship (w/Ku Klux Klan), CRM Trios Championship (w/Bogar & Black Fantasy)


Trained for two years in order to become professional wrestler. His wrestling debut was in a small Arena in San Luis Potosí in 1977. He began as técnico for the first two years of career then he turned into a rudo for the rest of his career. He is a technical wrestler with an array of submission holds. Besides of his wrestling career he was promoter at the now defunct Arena Coliseo San Luis Potosí. He is a recognized lucha libre trainer.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1984/09/23 mask Super Bolido El Cirujano Pista Arena Revolución
1986 mask Super Muñeco Azote Negro II Pavillon Azteca
2000 mask Huracán Ramírez Dr. Misterio unknown
??/??/?? mask Cirujano Hernandez La Flecha unknown
??/??/?? hair Cirujano Hernandez Gavilán Jr. unknown
??/??/?? hair Cirujano Hernandez El Muerto unknown
??/??/?? hair Cirujano Hernandez Gorila Salvaje unknown
??/??/?? hair Cirujano Hernandez Jhonny Ventura unknown


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