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Pista Arena Revolucion was a 2,500 seat building in Mexico City. The building eventually became CMLL's third tier Mexico City building, running shows in addition to the more important ones in Arena Coliseo and Arena Mexico from the late 60s until the mid 90s.

The building was originally an ice rink, holding hockey and ice skating name. (That appears to be the origin of the 'Pista'/rink name.) The buidling was built and owned by the Lutteroth family, who decided to supplement by running lucha libre shows. The first show was held on December 9, 1967 [1]. The shows were largely held on the weekend, though there is less known about them than the Arena Coliseo & Mexico shows.

LLI/UWA also started running shows at this location in the 80s, a rare bit of EMLL subletting a building out to a competitor.

The building seemed a victim of the mid-90s lucha libre drop in interest. The final CMLL show took place on June 8, 1997. The building was later sold and torn down. A gas station currently sits on the location.

El Universal article on the history of the building.

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