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Promo Azteca was a short-lived promotion based in Mexico. The promotion was originally known as PROMELL promoted by Fuerza Guerrera which cross-promoted with AAA but went their separate ways in 1995. But the promotion changed drastically when Azteca TV bought the promotion with help from Konnan & Jorge Rojas following their fallout with Antonio Pena in 1996. The promotion was intended to be a place for all the wrestlers who had left AAA after joining WCW with Konnan in 1996/97, like Super Calo, La Parka, Psicosis, and Rey Misterio Jr., to wrestle in Mexico while under contract with WCW. Those going to WCW were assured they'd still be able to wrestle in Mexico when WCW didn't need them, and those wrestlers were intended to be the stars of Promo Azteca.

Promo Azteca got it's name from it's television partner, TV Azteca. CMLL were AAA allied with Televisa, so it was a chance for their main television rival to get into lucha libre.

Despite the fan fair and the stars, the success of Promo Azteca was short lived. WCW, fearing injuries to the wrestlers who were while working elsewhere, later rescinded their promise of allowing them to work both promotions and banned it's wrestlers from working in Promo Azteca. With most of their big stars gone, Promo Azteca struggled and fell apart by the end of 90s.

Promo Azteca's legacy includes matches with the WCW stars and others like Blue Panther, Super Crazy and Venum Black, as post-script to AAA's Golden Age. The promotion also featured the debuts of wrestlers who'd later go into their greatest success elsewhere, like Super Crazy, Pantera Del Ring (now Ephesto,) Mr. Aguila, Shiryu (now Kaz Hayashi,) Toscano, Último Rebelde (now Hooligan,) Último Guerrero and Zorro. Promo Azteca also changed Mexican wrestling by using one-fall matches, which AAA later adopted.