Los Night Queens

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Los Night Queens were created in 2007 by the AAA promotion. The group consisted of:

Nygma had previously been in Los Vatos Locos, with a similar look here. Jessy was a formerly of Los Kumbia Kids, and had a much different look. Yuriko appeared to be debuting.

Their main opposition was the exotico team of Pimpinela Escarlata, Cassandro and whichever other tecnicos happened to be available this week. The feud seemed to be setting up a Pimpinela/Polvo hair match, but AAA lost interest in the feud. Management appeared to sour on having so many exoticos on TV at once, and this group disappeared from TV in 2008. Many of the wrestlers continued to work on spot shows, usually teaming.

Nygma left AAA to join Cibernetico's independent Los Bizarros group, while still doing the exotico gimmick, then came back with the Los Bizarros. In summer of 2009, Polvo and Yuriko returned to TV teaming with Pasion Crystal as a trio of exoticos, but they do not appear to be using the Night Queens name. Jessy remains in spot show-only limbo.