Los Cancerberos del Infierno

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Los Cancerberos del Infierno (usually referred to only as Los Cancerberos) is a rudo CMLL group founded in fall of 2009. They've basically taken the spot of the final variation of Los Infernales, after Satanico retired in the summer of 2009 (and had been inactive for many months prior.)

Former Infernal members Virus (leader of the news group) and Euforia formed Los Cancereros to create their own identity. The other three members are all former opening match wrestlers given fresh chances to move up the card. Polvora had already begun ascending the cards in late 2008, after winning that year's CMLL Bodybuilding Contest, and won Tigre Blanco's mask shortly before this group formed. The other two members, Cancerbero and Raciel, are secretly the former Romans Messala & Caligula, breaking free of their perennial opening match status by changing identities.

Los Cancerberos have yet to have a memorable feud, just plenty of matches against the tecnicos around their level. They appear to be slotted behind Poder Mexica but ahead of Guerreros Tuareg in the rudo group depth chart. The Tuareg and Cancerbros have teased a feud in magazine interviews, but nothing's come of it.

In the mean time Euforia and Polvora left to join their own groups. Euforia joined Ultimo Guerrero while Polvora left to join Ultimo's former partners and current rivals Dragon Rojo Jr. and Rey Escorpion.

Current Members

Former Members


Original five members


Los Cancerberos del Infierno
Virus (leader) ● RazielCancerbero
Former: EuforiaPolvora