Lacey Lane

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Lacey Lane
Lacey Lane
Name Lacey Lane
Real name Allysa Lane
Nicknames Pretty Reckless
Name history Lacey Lane, Kayden Carter (WWE)
Maestro(s) Team 3D Academy
Birth date, location May 20, 1988- Winter Park, Florida
Obituary date
Debut, location August 25, 2016
Lost mask to
Height 5'2"/157cm
Signature moves Rope hang neckbreaker, Canadian Destroyer, Springboard Armdrag, Double Knees, Superkick, Handspring Elbow, Stinger Splash, Rope Handspring Cutter, Crucifix Driver
Titles: The Crash Women's Championship


American wrestler who has wrestled for AroLucha and The Crash. NCAA Division II basketball champion in college.


as The Crash Women's Champion