La Triada del Terror

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After being members of Satanico's Los Infernales, Averno & Mephisto turned on him, eventually forming a rudo stable with the former Safari/Hombre Sin Nombre, Ephesto. They called the group La Triada del Terror and were allies of Los Perros del Mal.

When Averno and Mephisto won the CMLL World Tag Team Championship from Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero in February of 2008, Perro Aguayo Jr. formally invited the team to join Los Perros as members. They accepted, causing Hector Garza to leave the Perro and La Triada to be in a state of uncertainty since Epehsto was not invited to join. While Averno and Mephisto were members of Los Perros, Ephesto also joined Ultimo Guerrero's Los Laguneros.

However, Epehsto turned onthe Laguneros in October 2008 to join back up with Mephisto and Averno, despite not making it clear that he joined Los Perros or not. When Perro Aguayo Jr. led the departure of the core of Los Perros from CMLL in the same month, La Triada seem to be pushed as one of the top rudo factions for CMLL in place of the previous group. Averno and Mephisto ripped off their Perros t-shirts in the ring to end their association with the old group. However, they would add fellow ex-Los Perros members El Terrible and Texano Jr. into the fold calling themselves Jauria del Terror before settling on Los Hijos del Averno and ending this group


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