Kazuchika Okada

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Kazuchika Okada
Kazuchika Okada
Name Kazuchika Okada
Real name Kazuchika Okada
Nicknames Rainmaker, Shin Jidai no Ace (Ace of the New Era), Chōjin (Superman)
Name history Kazuchika Okada, Okada, Okato (TNA 2011)
Maestro(s) Ultimo Dragon
Birth date, location 1987
Obituary date
Debut, location August 29, 2004
Lost mask to
Height 6' 1"/187 cm
Weight 191 lb/87 kg
Signature moves German Suplex, Rainmaker, Red Ink, Heavy Rain, DDT, Senton Atomico, Reverse Necbreaker, Jumping Tombstone Piledriver, Elbow Drop, Dropkick
Titles: 2005 Young Dragons Cup winner, IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member

Former Toryumon Mexico trainee who spent at least parts of late 2004 to 2007 in Mexico. Appeared on shows with CMLL luchadors, including in Arena Puebla, but never brought into CMLL itself. Transferred to NJPW and became a huge star for NJPW winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship multiple times with long title reigns. Returned to Mexico on August 17, 2018 and made his CMLL and Arena Mexico debut teaming with Negro Casas and Último Guerrero against Diamante Azul, Místico II and Valiente.


w/ Kanjyuuro Matsuyama
as IWGP Heavyweight Champion