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Alex Murdock

Alex Murdock says that he debuted on August 22, 2010 vs Boris Schuster in RLL show. The match in Alto Quilpue Lucha Libre against Katator is not his official wrestling debut because these promotion isn't professional. Alto Quilpue Lucha Libre had only around 7 or 8 wrestlers and no has a wrestling ring, the matches was in a tatami. All this information send me the real Alex Murdock through facebook. Alex also asked me that delete Cain of the name history, because no was a official match. - Mike09 (talk) 18:56, 17 September 2012 (UTC)

Mike09, Alex Murdock was one of the first Wrestlers trained by Pipe Rocket (Founder of Alto Quilpue Lucha Libre and Nueva Alianza Guerrera) in 2009, but does not recognize it and denies it due to personal differences between them, (for reasons which was incorporated into RLL) wrestled as Tornado Porteño in Valparaiso Lucha Libre against Zaddam in 2010
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, trained in VLL due to the proximity to home, also trained young wrestlers like Elemental and Gurkhan VLL,These details can be got from pipe rocket and wrestlers from Valparaiso Lucha Libre.
Oh thanks bro, I didn't know this information. Anyway we should still writing his pro wrestling debut as August 22, 2010 no? What is the date of his match in VLL? If his match in VLL was before his RLL debut, the VLL one is the correct option. Thank by the information. - Mike09 (talk) 18:45, 18 September 2012 (UTC)

Mike09 Alex Murdock Wrestled vs Zaddam in July 2010 , two months before his first official match in RLL , Alex Murdock WAS Pipe Rocket Student not recognized, but was trained before entering the RLL.

RLL Women's Championship

Hey man. Check my user page User:Mike09. I have a short list of RLL Women's Championship. If you know some of that complete the list ok.

Gallo Dorado

Hi friend, I fixed your problem in the Emilio/Gallo Dorado profile. The new page is named Gallo Dorado (Chile) and Emilio redirecting to the first.

thank you very much

El Jaguar

Hey man. I was watching the pictures of XNL Dias De Gloria 2013 in XNL's facebook. In dark match wrestled a guy named Javier Guzman. El Jaguar, a former CEX student is named Javier Guzman. Currently wrestles in GLL, but recently does not appear in their shows. In conclution, El Jaguar and Javier Guzman of XNL show are the same person?

Current CMLL wrestlers category

This category should just be used for luchadors who wrestle for the Mexico City branch. If they're solely wrestling in Arena Puebla, then they should only be in Arena Puebla Regulars. We could also make up a. --thecubsfan (talk) 14:58, 19 July 2013 (CDT)

AJ Styles & Blue Demon Jr.

On AJ Styles & Blue Demons profiles I changed their main image. Then you changed them back. If you go and look at my contributions I have been changing a lot of images on profiles that have old images to newer ones. Ive seen images as far back as 2006. So I update them to more recent images. Usually from 2016. Why did you change back the images I changed on A.J. & Blue Demon? User:latin915

Mini Difunto I

Do you have any idea about why a new user (Tony Najera) erased all the info of Mini Difunto I? I could undo that action, but I need to let you know first because you created that page.

Araña Atómica

Why did you erased the apuestas matches? I don't have the dates and venues, but if you read the two-part article on the gallery it says he has 6 apuestas wins, 4 against Cachorro Mendoza and the other two must be agaisnt Remo and Saeta Azul (not Aníbal). It is kot accurate, but the source is reliable. User:Tunderman April 12, 2020, 18:30 PDT