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This is not the only wrestler to use the name Mistico, the most famous one is known as Caristico

Dralistico (Drastic)
Dralistico (Drastic)
Name Dralistico (Drastic)
Real name
Nicknames "El Príncipe de Plata y Oro", "La Nueva Era"
Name history Dragon Lee (debut - 06/12), Místico II (06/12 -08/21), Dralistico (08/21-present)
Family Toro Blanco (father), Dragon Lee II & Rush (brother), Franco Colombo, Pitbull I & Pitbull II (uncles), Latino (cousin); see The Family of Rush
Maestro(s) Toro Blanco, Arkangel, Franco Colombo, Pitbull I, Pitbull II
Birth date, location September 15, 1992 - Tala, Jalisco [1]
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Height 175 cms/5'9"
Weight 76 kg/168 lbs
Signature moves Estrella Fugaz (often to the outside), La Mistica, Operación Dragón, shoulder mounted arm scissors submission
Titles: CMLL Bodybuilding Contest - Beginner 2010, CMLL Sangre Nueva Tournament 2012, LLA Azteca Championship, CMLL World Trios Championship (2, once w/Máscara Dorada & Valiente, once w/Volador Jr. & Valiente), CMLL World Welterweight Championship

The second son of Toro Blanco to debut in CMLL. Dragon Lee won the beginner division of the 2010 CMLL Bodybuilding Contest before starting in the promotion, while his brother Rush won the advanced division. (It's possible he was also the Dragon Dorado who finished third the year prior.) A tecnico, and part of the Generación 2011 group.

In June of 2012 CMLL created a new Mistico. It was Dragon Lee. This is a pretty controversial decision as Dragon Lee is a polarizing figure among the internet lucha fan community although not as much as his brother Rush. As with the original Mistico, Fray Tormenta became his storyline mentor. Since becoming the new Mistico, he has been through a series of different injuries keeping him out for several months at a time.


Dragon Lee
in 2011 as Dragon Lee
his presentation as "Místico"

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as Dralistico