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To others wrestlers who have wrestled as El Hijo De Rey Misterio, please see the disambiguation.


Rey Horus
Rey Horus
Name Rey Horus
Real name
Nicknames "El Caballero del Aire"
Name history Horus (debut - 2011), El Hijo de Rey Misterio II (2011 - 2014), Rey Horus (2014 -), El Dragon Azteca Jr. (Lucha Underground 2015-), Aztec Dragon Jr. (AAA)
Family Rey Misterio (uncle), Demonio Negro (Tijuana), Hijo de Rey Misterio, Rey Misterio Jr. (cousin)
Maestro(s) Rey Misterio
Birth date, location June 24, 1984 - Tijuana, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location September, 2007
Lost mask to
Height 174 cms/5'9"
Weight 75 kg/165 lbs
Signature moves 450° Splash, Super Huracarrana, Tornado Dragon (Satellite DDT), Roll of the King/Rodillo Del Rey (Super Victory Roll), Guilotina
Titles: OWA Junior Heavyweight Title, WWA World Welterweight Title, The Crash Tag Team Championship (w/Black Boy (Tijuana)), Lucha Underground Trios Championship (w/Prince Puma & Rey Misterio Jr.), The Crash Cruiserweight Championship, Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship, MLA Global Championship, The Crash Heavyweight Championship, The Crash Triple Crown, ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship (w/Bandido & Flamita)


Tijuana high flyer. Replaced Hijo de Rey Misterio in the character when the original decided he was not interested in wrestling, though it was known he was previously Horus. Hijo I returned as a rudo, and the two briefly feuded before the whole idea was abruptly dropped. Hijo I eventually re-retired in 2012. Claims to be a nephew of Rey Misterio Sr. YouTube

In 2015, he joined Lucha Underground for the second season as Dragon Azteca Jr., becoming the son of a deceased luchador from Season 1. His mentor is his cousin Rey Misterio Jr.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Horus Steve Pain unknown
09/10/17 hair (1) Horus Ciniko Gimnasio Ernesto Ruffo Appel - Rosarito, Baja California
(1) Ruleta de la Muerte w/Arlequin, Angel Metalico, Inferno, Mexicano, Mr. Maldito, and Tony Casanova


IJG 4850-X2.jpg
as Horus
As Dragon Azteca Jr.
as ROH World Trios Champions