Green Demon I

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Green Demon I
Green Demon I
Name Green Demon I
Real name Juan Renato Lomelí Sánchez
Name history Chavo Lomeli, Green Demon I, Futuro 2000
Family Maligna (niece), El Ángel del Infierno (nephew), Paty Rey, Lady Star (sisters), Latino, Green Demon II, Chavo Lomeli (brothers)
Maestro(s) Mr. Lince, Tony Escobedo
Birth date, location March 30, 1963 - Saltillo, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location October 10, 1979 - Linares, Nuevo León
Lost mask to Texano
Signature moves
Titles: Coahuila Trios Championship (w/Chavo Lomeli & Latino), Caribe Middleweight Championship, Coahuila Welterweight Championship, Coahuila Light Heavyweight Championship, Northern Championship



Lucha Libre was inculcated by his father. When he was young, he used to be some kind of rebellious and rowdy he got in certain troubles that involved his father. Most of those problems were at school and some of them on the streets. His father received complaints from schools and parents of the other kids who he fought in the streets. One day his father told him to not fight anymore for free, there were sports in which he could fight for money like boxing and lucha libre.

He trained for two years of Olympic wrestling with Tony Escobedo and continued Lucha Libre with Mr. Lince for three years.


His debut was on October 10, 1979 in Linares, Nuevo Leon in Parque Lopez Mateos as Chavo Lomeli. His opponent was another novice wrestler but with two years of experience named Tony Marco.

The name of Chavo Lomeli was inspired by a cousin who wrestled as Chavo Puente. Since he was a teenager he had in mind the name of Green Demon. since he was a child, Blue Demon was and still is his idol. Sometime later he saw an outstading luchador Fishman whose mask and gear were green and yellow, he was also one of his idols. He fused his two idols to create his own character, the name was inspired on Blue Demon and the colors of the mask and gear were inspired on Fishman.

His debut as Green Demon was against a more experienced opponent and idol of that time, Benny Cordero in Saltillo, Coahuila in the Arena Deportivo Tokio. He won that match, because of his youth and willingness of outstanding.

His career began at the end of the golden era of lucha libre and he wreslted in all over Mexico agaisnt the most important figures of that time such as Dr. Wagner Sr., Bello Califa, Espanto III, Chucho Villa, Huracán Ramírez, Tinieblas. He also wrestled with a then new wave of luchadores like Herodes, Texano, LA Park, Pirata Morgan, La Parka, Negro Navarro, Villano III, Okumura, Kamaitachi, and much more.

Los Cazafantasmas

Is the trio comprised by Green Demon I, Green Demon II & Green Demon III. This project was inspired by the film Ghostbusters (Los Cazafantasmas in Latin America) This trio lasted from 1985 until 1990 with a lot of success.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? masks Green Demon I & Green Demon II Espanto IV & Espanto V unknown
????/??/?? mask Green Demon I Imperio Rojo Jr. Unknown
????/??/?? mask Green Demon I Rey Lobo Unknown
????/??/?? mask Green Demon I Super Brazo Unknown
82/??/?? mask Green Demon I Metamorfo Unknown
2005/11/?? mask El Texano Green Demon I Arena Obreros - Saltillo, Coahuila
00/??/?? mask Green Demon I Mini Eskeletor Saltillo, Coahuila
08/08/30 hair(1) Dr. Wagner Jr. Green Demon I Saltillo, Coahuila
(1)16 man elimination match


Green Demon masked.jpg
Green Demons
masked with the Caribe Middleweight Championship
FB IMG 1516935839275.jpg
as Futuro 2000
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