Fabuloso Blondy

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Fabuloso Blondy
Fabuloso Blondy
Name Fabuloso Blondy
Real name Ken Timbs
Nicknames El Gringo Loco
Name history Ken Timbs (debut - death), The Raider (1986, Alabama), Fabuloso Blondy (04/88 - death), The Assassin (90s, indies)
Family none
Maestro(s) Ole and Gene Anderson
Birth date, location January 27, 1951 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Obituary date August 1, 2004 - Georgia, USA
Debut, location 1978 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Lost mask to
Height 6'0"/182 cms
Weight 275 lbs/125 kg
Signature moves
Titles: SCW Southwest Tag Team Titles (3, w/ Eric Embry), NWA Central States Heavyweight Title, NWA United States Junior Heavyweight Title, NWA Central States Tag Team Titles (w/ Pork Chop Cash), NWA World Light Heavyweight Title (2), FILL World Light Heavyweight Title, Guatemala World Heavyweight Title


Ken Timbs debuted in Mexico on May of 1988, with the name Fabuloso Blondy, an offshot of the Fabulous Blondes tag team name he'd used in several parts of the United States. During that first run, he right away got in a rivalry with Lizmark, which would turn out to be his biggest singles feud in the country.

On June 24, 1988 Blondy defeated Lizmark for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title, which, until the emergence of the UWA World Heavyweight Title in the late 70s, had been the highest ranked World belt in the country.

Timbs came off with an initial strong push and was well received by the crowd, as he was such an easy to hate rudo. He'd come to the ring waving the U.S. flag or wearing it as a cape, with bleached blond hair, and sometimes wearing facepaint, and when Antonio Peña pushed using entrance music, he came down to "Born in the USA". While there's varying opinions whether that song is anti-USA or not, most Mexicans did not understand anything but the chorus, so it was just a perfect theme for him. And then, he'd grab the mic and sing "Star Spangled Banner" before the matches, which would get him major heel heat. His nickname was "El Gringo Loco", which was a Peña idea.

The "American heel" character was also important historically because its success paved the way for Konnan, Eddy Guerrero and Love Machine's fabulous run as "Los Gringos Locos" in AAA. It was actually heavily rumoured that he'd join them in AAA, and that Peña really wanted him in, but couldn't because of some sort of visa problem. Just being a blond and/or big American looking heel you'll need to be escorted out of the building by the police, no matter how charismatic you are or aren't, but the difference is that the great heels, like Timbs, Machine or Jake Roberts, got way more mileage out of the gimmick than anybody else.

Blondy adapted his style well and quickly to lucha libre, and even though his biggest strength, by far, was his charisma, he was a capable performer and a very good bumper, as shown by his stuff with Lizmark. Whenever Blondy was asked who his greatest oponents ever were, Mexico or not, Lizmark's name was always on top of the lists.

Lizmark regained the NWA World Light Heavyweight crown on December 9, 1988 at Arena Mexico, but that same month, in another of his first big feuds, he won Popitekus' hair at Arena México with help of heel referee Gran Davis.

Soon after that he left, returning on March of 1989 in a trio called "La Locomotora Gringa" with Mikey Stone and Rick Patterson (second version of Leatherface). They had a feud with Los Infernales (Satánico, MS-1 and Masakre) with a trios hair vs. hair match on March 31 at Arena México, where Stone lost his hair after being pinned by Satánico. Blondy would get revenge on April 7, taking Satánico's hair in a singles match, which is considered one of his major career wins in Mexican land.

Around this time, Timbs also formed a team with a masked man called American Destroyer (1989), and with the Policia de Los Angeles (1990 - they were The Power Twins, Larry and David, wearing LAPD shirts and bringing a helmet and a nightstick to the ring). The Timbs/LA Police trio got a big TV push on March 1990, culminating in a very rare match at Arena México against Mil Máscaras, Dos Caras and Sicodélico.

He also feuded with Pirata Morgan around the NWA Light Heavyweight Title. After a failed challenge on December 8, 1989, he defeated him on Febuary 14, 1990 at Arena Mexico. Now he was just a mere transitional champ, as on March 21 he dropped the belt to Lizmark at the Arena Coliseo on the tecnico's hometown in Acapulco.

Him losing his hair to Ringo Mendoza on December 7, was a sign that his run had probably run its course, even though he was brought back later to feud with Los Brazos, even taking El Brazo's hair on February 12, 1993. In between that time span he competed in Carlos Elizondo's FILL promotion, running out of the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Monterrey. Elizondo ensembled a good roster using national stars, local talent and foreign imports, and would have weekly hot and large crowds. Timbs' gimmick was way over again in a fresher environment, and he had a run was FILL Light Heavyweight champion, feuding with very young Latin Lover and Héctor Garza over the belt. In Monterrey he also reformed his team with Rick Patterson, who now had a Canadian Mountie gimmick.

Timbs worked in Mexico until mid 1993, and then disappeared until having a couple more matches in 1998 when he was used by OCESA in the "Guerra de Naciones" (War between nations) PPV, teaming with the Head Hunters and Solomon Grundy to lose to Tinieblas Jr., Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Cien Caras and Pierroth Jr. in a cage match. In that PPV he showed up much larger, and with less mobility due to his injured knees.

The last time his name popped up in the Mexican scene was in 2000, when the GWAS failure announced he'd be working for them. The thing is, GWAS announced tons of foreigners would be coming to their shows, only the foreigners themselves didn't even know about it.

Rest in peace.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Latin Lover Fabuloso Blondy Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
88/11/18 hair Fabuloso Blondy Popitekus Arena México - Mexico City
89/04/07 hair Fabuloso Blondy Satánico Arena México - Mexico City
90/07/01 (1) hair Sangre Chicana Fabuloso Blondy Arena México - Mexico City
90/09/30 hair Fabuloso Blondy Solomon Grundy Arena México - Mexico City
90/11/30 hair Ringo Mendoza Fabuloso Blondy Arena México - Mexico City
93/02/12 hair Fabuloso Blondy El Brazo Arena México - Mexico City


as 46th NWA LH Champ
as 50th NWA LH Champ
Ken Timbs with Perro Aguayo
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