El Hijo de Black Shadow (Original - 1985)

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For a list of others who have used the name El Hijo de Black Shadow or Black Shadow Jr., see Black Shadow Jr.


El Hijo de Black Shadow/Black Shadow Jr.
El Hijo de Black Shadow/Black Shadow Jr.
Name El Hijo de Black Shadow/Black Shadow Jr.
Real name Juan José Salazar Alanís
Nicknames El Hijo de la Sombra Negra (The son of the Black Shadow)
Name history Pequeña Maravilla (debut - ??), El Niño Fidencio, Pequeño Solín (1964 - 01/85), Mr. Zet, Black Shadow Jr. (01/85 - current), El Títere (10/92 - ??)
Family none, not related to Black Shadow
Maestro(s) autodidact
Birth date, location July 23, 1951 - Allende, Nuevo León
Obituary date
Debut, location November 14, 1964 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Lost mask to El Hijo del Santo - December 1, 1991 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Height 5'5"/161 cms
Weight 158 lbs/72 kg
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, Tope en Reversa
Titles: Distrito Federal Tag Team Titles (w/ Robin Hood), National Featherweight Title (2, once as Solin, once as Shadow), WWA World Lightweight Title (3), UWA World Featherweight Championship, Nuevo León Lightweight Championship, Tamaulipas Lightweight Championship


Born in Allende, Nuevo León, a town at 40 minutes from Monterrey. One of his earliest memories as child was that he used to watch wrestling shows on TV in a grocery store of his neighborhood each tuesday. He paid 20 cents to watch the shows and he dreamed to become a professinal wrestler. He used to watch Aníbal, El Marquez and Chucho Villa. One day his mother went to the store and took him away. He told her that we wanted to become a wrestler someday.

The Training

  • Although he was trained and advised by different professional wrestlers such as Manny Cabrera, Villano I, Villano II, El Vasco, Tonina Jackson, Califa, Rolando Vera, Ciclón Veloz and more he considers himself as a self-taught wrestler.
  • He did not have a formal trainer he went to different gyms and trained with different wrestlers. Pedro Moguel was an olympic wrestler and he trained greco-roman wrestling with him for a couple of times. He was even rejected for his short height and weight but he insisted and kept training.
  • He trained for three years before his debut. He had two jobs in Monterrey as office boy and paperboy. Gimnasio de Monterrey was at one block from his workplace. Once he finished as paperboy, he went to train to the gym. He was hardly admitted due to his very young age and size.
  • Rejected from Gimnasio de Monterrey in several times, but he insisted again and again after resisting the beatings from Manny Cabrera and trainees.
  • He attended the syndicate meetings preceeded by Tonina Jackson. At first he did not allow the boy, but he received the explanation of how hard he tried to be accepted in the gym.

The Early Days

He was very young when he started his wrestling career at the age of 13. His first name was suggested by a fellow wrestler, El Lobo. That name was Pequeña Maravilla because of his age and physical complexion. He was invited to Villa de Guadalupe, Nuevo León. His first salary was $5 pesos. He did not have a license yet. In 1964 he was invited by the Lothario brothers to participate in a wrestling show in Terraza Altamira which used to be a movie theater as well. That arena was three blocks from his home and he accepted the invitation. His ringname for that match was El Niño Fidencio he did not cared about the name or the gimmick, all he wanted was to wrestle. He used a bouquet of flowers as part of the gimmick. His opponent was El Tigre who beat him and hit him with the bouquet. There is one anecdote about this wrestling experience. One of the neighbors told his mother that her son was a a wrestler. She refused to see her son in that brutal sport, so she went to the arena, she entered without a ticket, she went to the ring hit Florencio with a strap, El Tigre and even the referee. She took her son out of the ring and the crowd thought that everything was part of the spectacle and all were having fun of that scene. He received a punishment at home.

El Pequeño Solin

After working at small arenas. In 1985 he went under a new ringname. That name was strongly based on the comic book character of Kaliman. There was a wrestler under the name of Kaliman and as his tag team partner he used the name of Pequeño Solin. He wrestled as Mr. Zet few times since a local luchador from Matamoros missed the date and he replaced him.

During that time he assisted Rene Guajardo with the División del Norte. He was willing to venture to Mexico City, but Guajardo refused because of the size and weight of Solin.

Even with Guajardo's disapproval he went to Mexico City seeking for opportunities. After some difficulties, he had the fortune to met with Villano III. He supported him in his venture and introduced the promoters Francisco Flores and Benjamin Mora.

He was able to wrestle against heavyweights such as Canek. He succeded in his divison at LLI/UWA at featherweight and lightweight divisions.

El Hijo de Black Shadow/Black Shadow Jr.

With twenty years of wrestling career he saw the new wave masked luchadores. He decided to mask under a new name. He met with Black Shadow and asked for his approval to be Black Shadow Jr. Alejandro Cruz agreed making everything formal. He was introduced by Alejandro Cruz himself in El Toreo and his presentations in Monterrey, Tijuana, Los Angeles and other important cities. He succeeded in winning championships and luchas de apuestas. After his mask loss against El Hijo del Santo, he used the gimmick of El Títere in LLI for a while. In independent events he presents masked as Black Shadow Jr. and he removes his mask at the end of the shows.


  • Raúl Morales was a boxer and neighbor of Juan José Salazar and he never wrestled under that name.
  • Never wrestled under the name of El Escobero
  • Raúl Olivares was the owner of the Gym where he trained but not his trainer.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
83/05/09 hair Dr. Muerte Pequeño Solín Xochimilco, Mexico State
83/06/01 hair Pequeño Solín Babe Casanova Carpa Astros - Mexico City
??/??/?? hair Pequeño Solín Bunny Black unkown
1987/??/?? hair Black Shadow Jr. Rayo de Plata Arena Coliseo - San Luis Potosí, SLP
1987/01/18 mask Black Shadow Jr. Corto San Luis Potosí, SLP
1987/02/22 mask Black Shadow Jr. Momia Asesina Córdoba, Veracruz
1987/02/26 mask Black Shadow Jr. Rencor Latino Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City
1987/03/27 mask Black Shadow Jr. Blue Bird Monterrey, N.L.
1987/05/17 mask Black Shadow Jr. Rayo de Plata Arena Coliseo - San Luis Potosí, SLP
??/??/?? mask Black Shadow Jr. El Hijo del Diablo unkown
??/??/?? mask Black Shadow Jr. El Korak Carpa Astros, Mexico City
??/??/?? mask Black Shadow Jr. El Cometa unkown
??/??/?? mask Black Shadow Jr. Misterio Negro unkown
??/??/?? mask Black Shadow Jr. Kilowatito unkown
88/07/23 mask Black Shadow Jr. Cosaco Aguascalientes
90/07/29 mask (1) Black Shadow Jr. Huracán Jr. Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
91/01/05 mask Black Shadow Jr. Askari el Gringo Tuxtla, Chiapas
91/12/01 mask Black Shadow Jr. El Ninja Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
91/12/15 mask (2) El Hijo del Santo Black Shadow Jr. Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
(1) Triangle match w/ Santo Jr.; (2) Relevos suicidas, Shadow & Santo vs. Octagon & Fuerza Guerrera


as pequeño solin 1983
as pequeño solin 1983
Shadow Jr., 1986
unmasked, 1992
Títere, 1992
with others
12961313 784427711688085 3544523114269583220 o.jpg
as Pequeño Solin with the UWA World Featherweight Championship
with his belts
With Demon Jr, Santo Jr, Huracan Jr
FB IMG 1479866226756.jpg
FB IMG 1500852848640.jpg

FB IMG 1519948034488-1.jpg
holding his mask
introduced by Black Shadow in El Toreo
FB IMG 1519947856128.jpg
50 years of career
FB IMG 1519948107482.jpg
awarded by Box y Lucha Magazine
FB IMG 1519947966671.jpg
with Black Shadow

Shadow Solin.jpg
Demon y shadow jr.jpg
Blue demon jr black shadow jr.jpg
with El Ninja's mask
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66062879 2236214893092555 1761112186802929664 n.jpg
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