Rayo de Plata

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Multiple luchadors have used the name Rayo de Plata.

The most well known Rayo de Plata is the one based in San Luis Potosi. He runs Rayo de Plata Promociones out of Arena Mexico San Luis Potosi. His promotion includes son Rayo De Plata Jr. and other relatives Rayo De Plata IV, and Rayo De Plata V, who are usually among the top figures in his promotion.

The trio feuded in 2012 with an outsider trio Rayo de Plata 1 (Puebla), Rayo de Plata 2 (Puebla), and Rayo de Plata 3 (Puebla), who claimed to be the real and original Rayo de Platas. The two trios faced off a team versus team mask match on July 22, 2012. No results were found, but the SLP team continue with their masks and apparently won. El Lince (maybe not The Lince has been since identified on TV as one of the Puebla trio.

There's a less well known Rayo de Plata (Guadalajara), the home area of Rayo de Jalisco and clearly inspired by the look.

There's a Rayo de Plata (Veracruz).

There is a Rayo de Plata (Colombia)