Damián el Guerrero

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Damián El Guerrero
Damián El Guerrero
Name Damián El Guerrero
Real name Alfonso Lira
Name history Darka, Tierra Viento y Fuego (Earth, Wind and Fire), Damián El Guerrero, Guerrero Nocturno
Family Tierra Viento y Fuego Jr. and Damián el Guerrero Jr. (grandsons)
Maestro(s) Halcon 78, Panchito Villalobos, Rodolfo Ruiz
Birth date, location January 23, 1954
Obituary date
Debut, location 1977
Lost mask to Atlantis & Satanico - September 22, 1989 - Arena México - Mexico City (as Tiera Viento y Fuego)
Height 180 cm/5' 11"
Weight 120 kg/264.5
Signature moves

Small arena wrestler who lost his mask as Darka, and presumed his career was over. Instead, Herodes and Ricardo Morales gave him the Tierra Viento y Fuego(Earth, Wind and Fire), which carried him all the way to Arena Mexico and Japan in 1981. A regular in CMLL from 1982 on, including joining Los Infernales when Satanico turned tecnico in 1989. A trios feud between Satanico, El Faraon, and Atlantis vs Tierra, MS-1, and Masakre turned into a trios apuesta match, then a tag match between between Satanico & Faraon vs MS-1 & Tierra after the other two escaped the match. Satanico & Atlantis won, and this is one of Atlantis' more well known mask wins. (Tierra says the plan for the match had been Atlantis vs an unnamed American, but the American had fled the country.)

Tierra fell from the main events after his mask loss. He had a brief surge after changing his identity to Damián El Guerrero, and Los Guerreros Del Futuro were a long running mid card trios act.

In April 2021, he announced that his grandsons will begin wrestling soon under the names Tierra Viento y Fuego Jr. and Damián el Guerrero Jr.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Mar Allah Darka ?
89/09/22 mask/hair Atlantis & Satánico Tierra Viento y Fuego & MS-1 Arena México - Mexico City
92/03/29 hair Damián El Guerrero León Kirilenko Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
96/08/06 hair Olímpico Damián El Guerrero Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
01/07/31 hair Alan Stone Damián el Guerrero Arena Coliseo - Mexico City


as Darka
At Arena Coliseo
black and white
Unmasked in 1989
155927585 2936486246588704 8627440146434090342 n.jpg
173314492 3907569469350814 5827662922383542081 n.jpg
as Darka with Dr. Psiquiatra
154423150 2144423562355153 7509945771521579752 n.jpg
187671466 10220869008814974 306972866140164326 n.jpg
274175655 2441482392649267 5541255605695690783 n.jpg
277771165 368937985244694 7502833221791153609 n.jpg

DEG 3.png
With his son
245892067 2341749499289224 2890361817151616896 n.jpg
243503117 10216638097579778 5365025659893017111 n.jpg
TVF Photo 1.png
64309285 2436204083283592 7778653293131071488 n.jpg
158884419 3626473314147415 7038429144413476258 n.jpg
Getting unmasked by Atlantis and Satanico
1779673 820362154680948 6467504189356786719 n.jpg
with El Crucero


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