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Multiple wrestlers have used the name Black Tiger. The identity is owned by New Japan Pro Wrestling, so all wrestlers take up the name and the mask at NJPW's prompting. In Japan, they're natural evil rivals to Tiger Mask, another shared identity.

  • Black Tiger I was British wrestler Marc Rocco. He feuded with Tiger Mask through the early 1980's.
  • Black Tiger II was Eddie Guerrero, who did not wrestle under the name in Mexico feuded with Tiger Mask III between 1993 and 1994.
  • Black Tiger III was Silver King, who did extensively wrestle as Black Tiger in Mexico from 2001 until he lost his mask to LA Park in 2006. When he appeared in NJPW, he feuded with Tiger Mask IV.
  • Black Tiger IV was Rocky Romero, who did not wrestle under the name in Mexico. In Japan, he feuded with Tiger Mask IV. He has been the only Black Tiger to be unmasked in Japan in April 2009.
  • Black Tiger V debuted in February 2009 for NJPW at a Tokyo Dome show to feud with Tiger Mask IV. The man under the guise was Tatsuhito Takaiwa. Takaiwa wrestled in Mexico and lost the mask twice.
  • Black Tiger VI debuted in January 2011 was Tomohiro Ishii, who did not wrestle under the name in Mexico. He is the only Black Tiger to publicly reveal his identity prior to using the Black Tiger character. He is still referred to as Tomohiro Ishii but New Japan announcers have acknowledged him as Black Tiger. Ishii has also referred to himself as 'The Tiger Hunter' in some interviews.
  • Black Tiger VII was NOSAWA Rongai, who lasted about 2 minutes in the role in 2012 before his release over a drug smuggling charge (for which he had been framed by Sugi San).
  • Black Tiger VIII was a one-off appearance in NJPW Strong, who attacked Rocky Romero and was revealed to be his former teammate Ricky Reyes.

Outside of the canonical Black Tigers, we have:

  • Black Tiger (Puebla) uses the name in Puebla, including CMLL shows at Arena Puebla, but never was a part of NJPW. It's unclear if his use of the name is inspired by the use elsewhere, or is just a coincidence. While Black Tiger III was active in CMLL, the promotion requested this wrestler change his name and he wrestled under The Tiger. After Black Tiger III left CMLL, this Tiger returned to the Black Tiger name.
  • Black Tigers was Jeremy Lopez whom was used as Tigers Mask foil in Osaka Pro Wrestling similar to Black Tiger being Tiger Mask's foil in NJPW. He does not use the gimmick currently and never wrestled in Mexico.