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Name Sugi
Real name Takuya Sugi
Nicknames "Blue Legend" (as El Blazer), "Legend of Eternity" (as El Blazer), "HUSTLE Justice" (as HUSTLE Kamen Ranger Red), "HUSTLE Emissary from the Stars" (as HUSTLE Kamen Ranger Red), "Mardi Gras Ninja" (as Yoshitsune), "Legend of Hiraizumi" (as Yoshitsune)
Name history Mini CIMA (debut-2004), Michinoku Ranger Gold (M-Pro 2004), Shanao (M-Pro 2005), Yoshitsune (2005-current), Little Dragon (Dragondoor), El Blazer (2006-current), AHII (AJPW 2006), HUSTLE Kamen Ranger Red (HUSTLE 2006), Catfish Man (Kensuke Office 2006-), THE*ZEST (Z-1MAX 2007), UWAI #32, Rabbit Boy (AJPW 2008), NOIZ (Z-1MAX 2008-), Sugi (AAA, 2009), Sugi San
Maestro(s) Ultimo Dragon
Birth date, location October 6, 1983
Obituary date
Debut, location May 11, 2003
Lost mask to
Height 165cm
Weight 60kgs
Signature moves Triangle Jump Mad Splash (as Mini CIMA), Corkscrew 450 splash, Shooting star press, Shooting star senton, 450 splash, Imploding 450 splash, Springboard huracarrana, 741, Twisting Victory Roll
Titles: Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship, Tohoku Tag Team Championship (w/The Great Sasuke), WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship (Disputed Branch) (2)


One of the best high flyers in the world. Originally a Toryumon trainee, and has made an appearance in Mexico on Ultimo Dragon promoted shows before going full time in Japan. He has wrestled in several Japanese promotions including Michinoku Pro, HUSTLE, All Japan, New Japan and Zero1-MAX. He made his return to Mexico in 2009 as Sugi/Suguy for AAA as a part of La Yakuza. Made a name for himself in his four month stint, before injuring his leg by backflipping off a ringpost. Spent over a year out of action, but returned to AAA in 2011, now as a tecnico with new rival Ronin.

Infrequently appeared in AAA in 2011 and 2012, though without out Ronin and still while touring the world a bit. Looked all the way back from his injury, but wasn't on TV enough to make much of an impact.

Sugi is now effectively out of the wrestling business, after admitting to framing Nosawa for drug possession. Nosawa and Io Shirai were visiting Mexico as part of a Hayabusa tribute show in May 2012, which Sugi also worked on. Nosawa and Shirai received portraits from fans during their trip. Upon their return to Japan, marijuana was found hidden in the frames of the portraits. Police threatened to charge Nosawa for bringing the drugs into the country until it was found he was not at fault. Nosawa told the press he knew actually did it.

Sugi held a news conference to admit to framing Nosawa for the crime. Sugi claimed Japanese mask maker Masahiro Hayashi had offered a full time spot in AAA for Sugi if he committed the crime. Hayashi, who creates masks and gear under the name Solluna, also worked occasionally as an AAA/lucha libre representative in Japan and Sugi's representative elsewhere. Sugi explained Hayashi was angry at Nosawa for personal reasons, later believed to be Nosawa costing Hayashi business on bringing luchadors to Japan. (Circumstantial evidence suggests this is related to Mr. Cacao switching from bring in indy luchadors for his shows to Nosawa's old friend Arkangel de la Muerte, but the exact reasons have never been explained.)

Sugi left Japan for a scheduled AAA TV taping, but AAA replaced him on that TV taping and has not used him since. Sugi's subsequently left wrestling. His actions have made him impossible to be employed in wrestling at the moment, but the history of wrestling suggests he may some day return under yet another identity.


as Yoshitsune
as El Blazer
as HUSTLE Kamen Ranger Red
as The*Zest
as Little Dragon

as Mini CIMA
missile dropkick


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