Arena Sparta Cruiserweight Tournament

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Oziel sparta 2.jpeg

In 2021, Arena Sparta held a tournament to declare their Cruiserweight Champion. It was presented as a standard 16 man tournament. The first part was on February 6 and the second on February 13. Oziel became the first Arena Sparta Cruiserweight Champion defeating Gladiador on February 20, 2021 in Arena Sparta in Mexicali, Baja California.


4 Way Matches   4 Way Matches Quarters   Semifinals   Finals
 Gladiador W  
 Guerrero Negro        Gladiador W  
 Charger Jr.    Galactico      
 Galactico W        Gladiador W  
 Dark Warrior        POD    
 Centella W      Centella
 Matrix    POD W      
 POD W        Gladiador
 Esquizofrenia        Oziel W
 Fray Diablo II W      Fray Diablo II  
 Galaxy    Oziel W  
 Oziel W        Oziel  
 Veneno Negro        Próximo W  
 Alas de Oro Jr. W      Alas de Oro Jr.
 Próximo W    Próximo W  
 Musical Jr.