Zorro Plateado

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Zorro Plateado
Zorro Plateado
Name Zorro Plateado
Real name Jose AAguirre Quirino
Nicknames "The copy of Santo"
Name history Flecha Roja(debut), Zorro Plateado
Family Zorro Plateado II (son), Zorro Plateado Jr., Indio Kikapoo I (Monclova). Indio Kikapoo II ( Saltillo) (grandsons)
Maestro(s) Príncipe Odín
Birth date, location August 30, 1931-- La Esmeralda, Coahuila
Obituary date August 20, 2011
Debut, location March 18, 1953 Retirado en 1993
Lost mask to
Height 1.65 mts
Weight 90 kgs
Signature moves La de a Caballo


Zorro Plateado was born on August 30th, 1931 in Coahulia. He worked in a bank as a teenager and friends from the bank invited him to the gym where he learned to wrestle. He was known as a gym rat and was trained by Príncipe Odín. He debuted as "Flecha Roja" or "The Red Arrow" on March 18th, 1953. The name did not last long though because he had no red ring gear to match the name. That's when he took up the name "Zorro Plateado" or "The Silver Fox".

He is most famous for wearing the same mask as El Santo and became known as "The Copy of Santo". While some wrestlers wore others masks to gain notoriety off of others successes, Zorro's story was a little different. His brother entered a contest where the goal was to draw the mask of El Santo. His brother did so and won the contest, apparently winning an El Santo mask. Zorro then used the mask. Over time, he was able to talk to El Santo about it and was able to get his permission to wear the mask as long as he did not use the name of "El Santo". He also changed the mask over time to fit more of the fox theme.

He had rivalries with Cavernario Galindo, El Bulldog, Mil Mascaras, Blue Demon, Canek and El Vikingo, with Vikingo and Bulldog in particular being strong rivalries. His matches versus El Vikingo were said to be sellouts that turned away many people at Arena Obreros del Progreso.

He won multiple masks throughout his career beating Viento Negro, Fantasma Blanco, Imperio Rojo, El Zaire, Huracan Norteno and El Zombi(in 1962) in aspuestas matches. He also won the hair of Zarapero, Pandillero, Imperio Rojo, Sergio Romo and El Bulldog in 1965.

He retired from wrestling on May 23rd, 1993 at Arena Obreros del Progreso. His son Zorro Plateado II became a wrestler and his grandsons Zorro Plateado Jr., Indio Kikapoo Jr. and Indio Kikapoo also became wrestlers.

He passed away on August 20th, 2011.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado Viento Negro ?? - unknown
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado Fantasma Blanco ?? - unknown
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado Imperio Rojo ?? - unknown
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado El Zaire ?? - unknown
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado Los Gemelos Corzo ?? - unknown
??/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado Huracán Norteño ?? - unknown
??/??/?? hair Zorro Plateado Zarapero ?? - unknown
??/??/?? hair Zorro Plateado Pandillero ?? - unknown
??/??/?? hair Zorro Plateado Imperio Rojo ?? - unknown
??/??/?? hairs Zorro Plateado & ? Los Gemelos Corzo ?? - unknown
??/??/?? hair Zorro Plateado Sergio Romo ?? - unknown
62/??/?? mask Zorro Plateado El Zombi ?? - Mexico City
65/??/?? hair Zorro Plateado El Bulldog ?? - Mexico City

Mask Loss?

The Zorro Plateado who lost his mask to Villano I in 1977 was a different wrestler, from Ciudad Juarez, and not related to this one.


2005 homenaje to Zorro
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