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Name Xtabay
Real name
Nicknames "La Seductora de Almas"
Name history Xtabay (debut-)
Maestro(s) Arturo Beristain, Último Guerrero
Birth date, location Cancún, Quintana Roo
Obituary date
Debut, location August 29, 2018 - UNAM, Mexico City
Lost mask to
Height 165 cm
Weight 68 kg
Signature moves


She always was impacted by the masks when she was a child she went to a lucha libre event with her father and grandparents and since then she began her interest for this sport. Although, she never thought to become in a luchadora, however she had the opportunity and in a decision to move to Mexico City due to her father's job, she knew about the Arena Mexico. She wanted to train lucha libre for health and curiosity and because of that curiosity she became Xtabay.

She was in Mexico City with her family for about two years and during that time she was training with Arturo Beristain and with Ultimo Guerrero for a while, but her father asked at his work to move back to Cancún and she had to go back as well and postpone her debut in Mexico City.

She had the opportinity of appear in some places but her professional debut was on August 29, 2018 as Xtabay in UNAM, Mexico City.

Her ringname Xtabay (pronounced ishtabay in Spanish) means ”The Seductress of Lost Souls". Her ringname comes from a beautiful Mayan legend very well known in the Riviera Maya about an evil woman who possesses an incomparable beauty and ill intentions towards men. She dwells in the forest to lure men to their deaths.

She considers Xtabay a beautiful character, kind of dismal, chilling, and crazy, but shocking. Being Xtabay in lucha libre is a challenge for her, she wants to be that woman who enthralls in the way of wrestling.

She is ruda, she liked holds and strikes, she could use theme to defeat her rivals, but she does not like hence she resorts to illegal moves in order to not lose (just like the legend).

She is willing to visit most of the states and abroad. Her goal is wrestling in Arena Mexico.