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Keiji Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh
Name Keiji Mutoh
Real name Keiji Mutoh (武藤 敬司)
Nicknames The Pearl of the Orient
Name history Keiji Mutoh (debut-present), The Great Muta (March 1989-present), Kokushi-Muso (2001-present), White Ninja, Super Ninja, Super Black Ninja, Black Ninja
Maestro(s) Hiro Matsuda in the New Japan Dojo
Birth date, location December 23, 1962
Obituary date
Debut, location October 5, 1984 vs Masahiro Chono
Lost mask to
Height 6' 2"/188 cm
Weight 243 lbs/110 kg
Signature moves Moonsault, Shining Wizard, Flashing Elbow, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Enzu Shining Wizard, Poison Mist, Figure-Four Leg Lock, Asian Mist, Muta Lock, Cattle Mutilation
Titles: IWGP Heavyweight Championship (4), IWGP Tag Team Championship (6) (2 w/Hiroshi Hase, 2 w/Masahiro Chono, 1 w/Shiro Koshinaka & 1 w/Taiyō Kea), Greatest 18 Championship, NWA World Heavyweight Championship, AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship (3), AJPW Unified World Tag Team Championship (5) (1 w/Taiyō Kea, 1 w/Arashi, 1 w/Masakatsu Funaki, 1 w/Joe Doering & 1 w/KENSO), F–1 Tag Team Championship (w/Kannazaki), NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Television Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship (w/Vampiro), WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship, WWC World Television Championship
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member


Japanese legend who came to Mexico in 2006 to wrestle in a series of matches for CMLL and Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon promotion.

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Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
88/04 hair Miguel Pérez Jr. Super Black Ninja Juan Lobriel Stadium - Bayamón, Puerto Rico


Keiji Mutoh (July 29, 1988)
Keiji Mutoh (Mid 1990's)
The Great Muta NJPW Style (Mid 1990's)
Keiji Mutoh (2000's)
Mutoh with Hair (Early 1990's)
A Collage featuring the many faces of the Great Muta

Promo shot of Muta as the AJPW Triple Crown Champion
Violent Muta in his deathmatch against Great Nita
Yet another collage featuring the many faces of the Great Muta
Mutoh as the AJPW Triple Crown Champion, AJPW Double Cup Tag Team Champion and the IWGP Tag Team Champion
Mutoh with the participants in the Mutoh Rumble

Great Muta vs. Masahiro Chono from Fantastic Story in Tokyo Dome
Keiji Mutoh in the movie, Dragon Blue
Great Muta in CMLL
Black Ninja with Kendo Nagasaki in Florida (Mid 1980's)