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I think I have this like User:Tinieblast wants to do, but the mask thing is a bit of a problem. (Jose didn't actually have Trueno seperated records; it may be a third Trueno.)

Does the naming scheme make sense? We could retitle them Trueno I and Trueno II, "Trueno II" would be meaningless outside of the wiki.

The picture is taken off a mirror, right? It's warping my mind.

If User:Tinieblast is reading this and needs help setting up stuff, please add to a Talk page somewhere and we'll be glad to help. It's not hard to make new pages; you just need to do it once to get the hand of it.--thecubsfan 18:48, 1 June 2006 (CDT)

Unfortunately I am a bit confused as well. I don't think this is the Trueno that lost his mask to GDLM... but I also am 100% positive this is not the Trueno that beat Coloso Colosetti in a hair match. It might be the 1991 Trueno. There was a Trueno 2000 that showed up in ENESMA and he wore this exact same outfit. I could leave a message for Tinieblast in Spanish but I don't think he would even read it. Maybe I'll post a message on the Box y Lucha board asking if anyone there is Tinieblast and to send me a private message so I can find out?--Robert 19:21, 1 June 2006 (CDT)

You know what just popped into my head... I think this is the Trueno that everyone thought was Mil Mascaras Jr. for a while. Which would make him the Trueno that lost his mask to GDLM. But I'm asking Jose about that so we'll see.--Robert 22:04, 1 June 2006 (CDT)

his niece is my ex girlfriend xD... Now currently is retired and with no reationship with the currently Trueno, and he lost his mask against GDLM