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Are you just guessing Abeja was Sergio Romo Jr. or is there a source to back it up? Abeja was always skinny and barely taller than your average mini whereas Romo is pudgy and was working Monterrey regularly at the time of Los Insectos.--Robert 18:32, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

During an House Show including the Insectos that happened in Nuevo Leon on February 1999, Pablo Navarro, a friend of mine whom I chatted in late nineties, was attending and noticed that Abeja had a physical structure similar to Romo's one. As Romo jr. didn't fought "as himself" that evening, Pablo speculated Romo filled in for the original Abeja. As for Aracnofobia, there are many speculations about his career continuation; somebody says that he became Coco Negro AAA; other tells that he became Abeja; but there was also a rumour hinting that Aracnofobia was just fired and thrown out by AAA for altercations with other luchadores or bookers, sadly returning to local arenas in which he should still fight.