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Name Spartako
Real name
Nicknames "El Guerrero Maximo"
Name history Espartaco/Spartako, Guerrero Máximo (2014)
Family Esther Moreno (wife), Rossy Moreno, Alda Moreno, Cynthia Moreno (sisters-in-law), Oriental (brother-in-law)
Maestro(s) Siniestro, Gemelo Halcón, Tigre Colombiano, Black Terry, Tony Salazar
Birth date, location October 26, 1977 - Bogota, Colombia
Obituary date
Debut, location 2002-Bogota, Colombia
Lost mask to
Height 6'2"/187 cms
Weight 125 kg
Signature moves abismo, rompe costillas, long pole suplex, German Suplex, Gorilla Press,
Titles: SAW Heavyweight Championship, SAW Intercontinental Championship


He has a background sports in Greco-roman wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts he won a Mixed Martial Arts Championship and three Gold Medals as National Champion (Colombia) in Greco-roman wrestling. He is Trainer in grappling, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. He is also a lucha libre promoter alongside his wife Esther Moreno.


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