Sinn Bodhi

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Sinn Bodhi
Sinn Bodhi
Name Sinn Bodhi
Real name Nicholas Cvjetkovich
Nicknames Asesino De Payasos (Killer Of Clowns), The Carnival Freak, The Warlord Of Weird
Name history Original Sinn/Sinn (debut - 2007), Nicholas Doom (2004 - 2005), Nicholas Sinn/Nick Sinn (WWE, 2004/OVW, 2007), Sinn Bowdee (FCW, 2007 - 2008), Kizarny (WWE, 2008 - 2009), Sinn Bodhi (2009 -)
Family Kobra Kai (brother), Stacy Carter (former wife)
Maestro(s) Al Snow, Alex Atkinson, Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts, Rob Etcheverria, Ron Hutchison, Rip Rogers, Tom Prichard
Birth date, location August 29, 1973 - Toronto, Ontario
Obituary date
Debut, location 2000
Lost mask to
Height 188 cm/6'2"
Weight 107 kg/235 lb
Signature moves Clothesline From Heck/Hellion Hammer, Sinn Kick, Tallulah Belle
Titles: Many non-Mexican championships

American wrestler, better known for his stint in WWE as Kizarny. Promoter of Freakshow Wrestling in Las Vegas. Made his debut in Mexico on June 24, 2017 wrestling for NGX. Returned to Mexico on September 22, 2018 to wrestle for Juventud Guerrera's Super X promotion. The following night, he debuted in Arena Naucalpan for IWRG.


As Kizarny