Scaramouche II

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Scaramouche II
Scaramouche II
Name Scaramouche II
Real name
Name history Scaramouche II, Demoníaco I
Family Scaramouche I (brother)
Maestro(s) Chamaco Azteca, El Lince
Birth date, location August 16 ?
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves


His name likely refers to a 16th century Italian theater clown.

Early Life

Began watching lucha libre at the age of 8. His idols were El Santo and Blue Demon, he admired them and he saw fascinating their wrestling style. One of his brother's friends, saw his fondness for lucha libre and gave him a Santo's mask made out of leather, with a cape; all that made him feel invincible.

One day he went to the grocery store and he left his mask hanged on a tree outside of that store and a cow ate it. He felt terrible about what happened. In that moment he thought:

"Yo quiero ser luchador para tener una máscara y usarla siempre, que sea solo mía." (I want to become luchador to have a mask and use it always, and only mine.)


Began to work at the age of 14 at a big factory which had a gymnasium, Halcón Negro used to go there. The young boy told to the wrestler about his dream, Halcón Negro said that Lucha Libre is not about fantasy, he had to train and have discipline.

Sometime later, he went to a gymnasium in Tacubaya and he started to train with Chamaco Azteca and his trainer. Since then he liked Lucha Libre even more. He met El Lince he learned from him as much as he could, he knew about his prominent career.


The first time he stepped on a ring was a time when he was invited by his friends at Los Reyes Acosac, Hidalgo, a wrestler could not make it and he took that place.

His brother already trained with El Lince, they wrestled individually. One day his brother proposed being the tag team of Los Scaramouches. They entered to Arena López Mateos and wrestled as brothers, sometime later, they had a family problem which went to the ring and began a rivalry. They went to a mask vs mask and he won becoming the one and only Scaramouche.

He had the honor of wrestling with the greatest wrestlers; such as Bobby Bonales, in his last match. In that singles match people threw money in the ring. After that he had the fortune of being tag team partner of Gory Guerrero. Moreover, Scaramouche II wrestled against El Santo.

He also had matches with Dr. Wagner, Ángel Blanco, Rene Guajardo, El Audaz, Lizmark, Águila Solitaria, Los Escorpiones, and Mil Máscaras. He was tag team partner of Cavernario Galindo, and El Enfermero y muchos grandes de la lucha libre.

He went to CMLL and trained at Arena Mexico, he befriended his idol Blue Demon. He met Manuel Robles, Tarzan Lopez, and Uruqui Sito.

Retirement and as a Trainer

He retired from the active competition at the age of 55. After his retirement, he trained new generations of wrestlers such as Mr. Niebla, Huracán Jr., Romano García, Los Polaris, El Diablito, Black Silver, among others.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Scaramouche II Rafael Salamanca unknown
71/05/16 mask Scaramouche II Scaramouche I Arena Lópex Mateos,Tlalnepantla Edomex
84/01/08 hair Scaramouche II Kalimaco Arena Coliseo - Mexico City