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Guiding principle: Show respect. Respect to one another, respect to the work other people have done, and respect to the people and events you're writing about.

More specific rules:

  • The admins of luchawiki are Robert, Jose and thecubsfan. Admins have final decision on everything.
  • Above all, this is a lucha libre encyclopedia. It'd be neat to see the same concept applied to Japanese puroresu/lucha mixed promotions or US Indy or any niche style of wrestling, we're not interested in hosting those articles here. Limit your articles to Mexician lucha libre promotions, or promotions elsewhere using the Mexican lucha libre style and Mexican wrestlers, and the people and events related to those promotions.


  • We'd love stuff on US Indy Lucha Libre (LA, Texas, Chicago, Va Voom, whatever else). Toryumon Mexico is also fine, but we're trying to exclude groups like Dragon Gate - influenced by Mexico, but not lucha libre style and not using mostly Mexican workers. Many Dragon Gate workers would be fine as bios, since they've worked in Mexico, but the promotion itself is outside what we're covering.
    • Since we're doing this from a lucha libre viewpoint, wrestlers should be primarily listed under the name they've used in lucha libre. For example, if someone did a profile of WWE wrestler JBL, it should be filed under Vampiro Americano, since that's the name he's used most in lucha libre. Redirects are fine, but the emphasis should be on lucha libre.
    • If you've got a question about what's good and what's not, please ask.
  • If a luchadore is wrestling under a mask, do not post his real name. You may be able to find that information elsewhere, and we'll include information about past identities and relations, but if a masked wrestler has not announced his birth name to the world and it's not generally known, we're not going to post it.
  • While we do accept requests and read them, we don't promise to get them done, or even get them done in any sort timely manner. This is a (yet another) hobby for all of us, and we can't promise to have the time, energy or interest to fulfill all requests. The great part of a wiki is setup is you want to put something up, you don't actually need any of the admins to do it; most pages are free for any user to edit, and any user can create pages on their own.


  • You must sign up for a user account to add or change any article.
  • Only admins should delete articles. Others are free to change and fix details in anyone's articles, but you should ask before making major changes to other author's works.
  • Avoid profanity.
  • Do not upload videos. You can link to videos on other sites, but it's probably not worth the bandwidth to host them.
  • Do not upload pictures unless you have a specific idea of where they're going to be used.
  • When possible, give credit to the those you got your information and images.
  • Please make an effort to include reasons for edits, so others can quickly figure out what you've done.

If you have questions about these rules, please contact the admins.