Rudo Valdez

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Rudo Valdez
Rudo Valdez
Name Rudo Valdez
Real name Oscar Ignacio Arismendi
Nicknames El Tigre Colombiano, El Rudo, Chulo, "El Político Honesto", Político de Envergadura (as Puentedura)
Name history El Príncipe Valiente (1972), Danny Rey (1975), Rudo Valdez (1988, 2001), Dr. Armando Puentedura (2000s), Mariachi Chulo (2006), Pancho Villa (2009)
Family Barba Roja (father), Felino (son)
Maestro(s) Barba Roja(Oscar Antonio Arismendi), Goitia, Capanga, Toma Toma, El Mongol, Ivan Kowalsky El Ruso Blanco
Birth date, location February 21, 1951
Obituary date April 27, 2015
Debut, location 1964 - Porto Alegre Brazil
Lost mask to
Height 174 cm
Weight 104 kg
Signature moves European Uppercut, Powerbomb, Topetazo Seco
Titles: Right Junior Wrestling Champion, Democratic League Championship, Senior Tournament Subchampionship (2001)


Oscar Arismendi had an interest in profesional wrestling. At first his father did not want him to follow his foot step, but he eventually had to accept his son's decision. His professional debut was in Porto Alegre Brazil in 1964. The wrestling promoter Teti Alfonzo gave him the opportunity to begin his professional wrestling career. Most of his gimmicks were heels. In 1972 during his run at Titanes en el Ring he portrayed El Príncipe Valiente he had a notable match against the veteran Martin Karadagian. In 1975 his father and him went to the Lucha Fuerte promotion his new name and character was the Mexican Danny Rey. In 1988 he adopted a different foreign persona, Rudo Valdez The Colombian Rudo/The Colombian Champion. Another gimmick portrayed during his time in Lucha Fuerte was Rudo Valderrama nicknamed as "La Fiera". In 2001 the Titanes en el Ring promotion had a revival and he made his return as Rudo Valdez persona and he held a Championship. After his second run in Titanes en el Ring he went to the Uruguayan promotion Gladiadores del Ring he adopted an interesting and funny rudo gimmick, Dr. Armando Puentedura. He portrayed a notorious polítician who tended to bribe Referees and other wrestlers. He even held three championships in this promotion. On 2006 he went to the wrestling promotion 100% Lucha where he had another Foreign gimmick. This time he portrayed a Mexican brawler, El Mariachi Chulo. He held a Championship with that gimmick. One of his latest gimmicks was another Mexican brawler Pancho Villa. On April 27, 2015 Oscar Ignacio Arismendi passed away. His son is continuing the family tradition.


Three Generations of wrestlers
2009 as Pancho Villa
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2006 as El Mariachi Chulo

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Dr. Puentedura
2000s as Dr. Armando Puentedura
2001 as Rudo Valdez with an unknown Championship

as Rudo Valderrama
Rudo Valdez 2010.jpg
1988 as Rudo Valdez
1975 as Danny Rey

1972 as Príncipe Valiente
Father and Son
Armando Puentedura Profile