Ricky Fuji

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Ricky Fuji
Ricky Fuji
Name Ricky Fuji
Real name Masanori Morimura
Nicknames "The Shawn Michaels of Japan," "Sexy Storm"
Name history Tiger Mask (Calgary version) (masked) (debut-1988/10), Black Tomcat (masked) (1988/10-1989/6), Ricky Fuji (occasionally masked) (1989/6-present), Calgary Tiger (masked) (2006-2008), Morimura (FMW, 1/7/98)
Maestro(s) New Japan Dojo, Stu Hart, Mr. Hito
Birth date, location September 27, 1965 in Chiba, Japan
Obituary date
Debut, location June 28, 1988 vs. Ross Hart
Lost mask to
Height 175cm
Weight 95kg
Signature moves 9999 (Cross-arm DDT), Kamikaze (running fireman's carry forward roll slam), Rolling Stone (Brainbuster), Hard Rock (Cross-legged STS), Maximum Overdrive (Reverse piledriver), Moonsault, Tiger Driver, Sharpshooter
Titles: AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship, FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship (w/Hisakatsu Oya), FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship (2), WEW 6-Man Tag Team Championship (2), (1 w/Flying Kid Ichihara & Chocoball Mukai and 1 w/Flying Kid Ichihara & Hisakatsu Oya), Big China Nakahara Unified Tag Team Championship (w/The Great Sasuke), CRMW North American Mid-Heavyweight Championship (2), NWWF Junior Heavyweight Championship, CIWF Junior Heavyweight Championship, NMC Wrestle Brain Junior Heavyweight Championship, FTO Openweight Championship, Kaientai Dojo Chiba Six Man Tag Team Championship (w/Yuji Hino and Bambi)