Relampago Gomez

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Relampago Gomez
Relampago Gomez
Name Relampago Gomez
Real name Julio Gómez López
Name history Caballero Negro (debut - 1967), Relampago Gomez (1967-)
Family Relampago Gomez Jr. (son)
Maestro(s) Xicoténcatl Sánchez Heras
Birth date, location March 30, 1945 - Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Obituary date July 21, 2020 (aged 75)
Debut, location October, 1964
Lost mask to Jhonny Moguel - Oaxaca
Signature moves
Titles: Distrito Federal Lightweight Champion, Oaxaca Lightweight Championship


Pioneer of Olympic wrestling and Lucha Libre trainer in Oaxaca. Founded several gymnasiums dedicated to Olympic wrestling and Lucha Libre.

At the age of 10, he had the need of learning of to defend himself against bullies while attending elementary school. Gomez began to train boxing. Began as sparring, then participated on matches at local festivities.

Continued training at the gymnasium of his luchador friend, la Guajolota. Relámpago Gómez, along with Red Demon, visited the lucha libre gymnasium at Arena Oaxaca (currently Casa de los Deportes) whose head trainer was Xicoténcatl Sánchez Heras.

His debut was on October, 1964 with Red DemonRed, in his debut went as Caballero Negro, agaisnt Richard Reyes and El Indio Comanche, on a festivity to la Virgen del Rosario at Los Libres and Abasolo.

Wrestled at la Pista de la Pepsi and la Capilla of Colonia Alemán where he lost his mask to Jhonny Moguel. After his mask loss continued as Relámpago Gómez on 1967.

His first title was the Oaxaca lightweight championship, which he won in Pista la Pepsi defeating Zorro Primero (Pepe Cisneros).

Julio Gómez was part of the first generation of Oaxacan wrestlers tested by Adolfo “el Patrón” Bonales, sent by Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) and the Sindicato Nacional de Luchadores acquiring the wrestling license number 5.

El Relámpago Gómez wrestled in promociones Luna having notable feuds with El Indio Comanche, Richard Reyes, Tiburón Rojo, Misioneros de la Muerte of Oaxaca and hia eternal rival Mastín I.

His best tag team partners were Monarca, Ray Alcántara, Kingo, Increíble, Red Power, Conde Salazar, Batman, Robín, Birdman, Flechador del Sol, La Llorona, La Llorona Junior, Pumas Rojos, and René Alcántara, but especially with Relámpago Gómez Jr., presented as Los Relámpagos del Sur.

Julio Gómez learned Olympic wrestling on 1979, when soldier of the Mexican Special Forcea taught him. From then he participated in national competitions (without official support and being part of a team), and reached the fourth and fifth places for Oaxaca in Mexico City, Monterey and Guadalajara, in libre, Greco-Roman, and Sambo. Two years later, he is founded the Asociación Oaxaqueña de Lucha Olímpica along with his friend Miguel Ángel Chávez Romero.

As trainer, he made his pupils represent Mexico and assists as trainer in Hungría, Cuba, Colombia, Moscú, Costa Rica y Puerto Rico.

On July 15, 2018 he was honored as pioneer of Lucha Libre in Arena Mastín Tercero.

Luchas de Apuestas

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1960s mask Jhonny Moguel Caballero Negro Oaxaca