Raúl Romero

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Raúl Romero
Raúl Romero
Name Raúl Romero
Real name Raúl Quesada Romero
Nicknames El Profesor (The Professor)
Name history Raúl Romero (debut - )
Family none
Maestro(s) Matty Matsuda
Birth date, location September 26, 1909 - Duango, Durango
Obituary date
Debut, location September 20, 1934 - Mexico City
Lost mask to
Height 5'6"/168 cms
Weight 178 lbs/81 kg
Signature moves Tapatía, Cranking Kneeling Headlock submission
Titles: Mexican National Lightweight Championship, IPWF Mexican Junior Heavyweight Championship (billed in IPWF in Japan as such, fictional title), IPWF Central American Tag Team Championship (w/ Yaqui Rocha, billed in IPWF in Japan as such, fictional title)


Raul Romero was the first Mexican to compete in Japan, brought in by Masahiko Kimura, considered the greatest Judoka (judo practitioner) ever, for his International Pro Wrestling Force promotion based at Kimura's hometown, Kumamoto in southern Japan.


In Japan, 1956