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* [[Dr. Wagner Jr.]]
* [[Dr. Wagner Jr.]]
* [[LA Park]]
* [[LA Park]]
* [[Super Crazy]]]
* [[Super Crazy]]
* [[Juventud Guerrera]]
* [[Juventud Guerrera]]

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this article refers to Perro Aguayo Jr.'s yet promotion and not specifically of the faction

In October of 2008, Perro Aguayo Jr. left CMLL to form his own promotion focusing on independent talent. The promotion, using the same name of his Perros del Mal faction, debuted on December 7th in Mexico City. The show was taped for television, but no broadcast date/location or future show in this location was announced. The promotion appears to be planning to run similar shows around the country.

Among the aims for the promotion is to create a home for independent wrestlers, allowing them come and go freely. The exact talent roster is not stable between shows as a result of that freedom; everyone who is there is there for that day. Perro Aguayo Jr. and the rest of Los Perros are expected to continue be the tent pole, with various independent names being brought in based on availability and interest.

Other goals of this promotion including modernizing lucha libre (moving away from CMLL's presentation and towards something more like the US promotions), allowing the fans to interact more with the luchadors, and lowering ticket prices so more fans would have access to the biggest matches.

Current Roster

Perros del Mal is a true independent promotion. Wrestlers are not bound to the promotion and are free to work wherever they want, so the idea of a 'current' roster is not as clean; there's only information about who worked the previous shows and are expected to continue working the next shows. Still, over the course of the early shows, a regular group of wrestlers have emerged:

Perros del Mal members

the opposition

Other independent luchadors wrestle from show to show.

Connections With Other Promotions

Besides the shows promoted in Mexico City as Perros del Mal shows, this group of luchadors also are apparently available to other independent promoters for their own shows, much the same as CMLL and AAA uses their talent on spot shows. The difference is the local promoter usually gets all of the normal roster, so the non-offical Perros del Mal main events look a like the offical ones.


This promotion was originally designed to be a companion to CMLL; Perro would still run the shows and himself stay out of CMLL for some time, but CMLL would allow their talent to work Perro's shows as a partner, and Perro would be free to present a different presentation of lucha libre at discounted ticket prices. Before this deal was officially announced, CMLL and Perro has a falling out, CMLL withdrew their talent, and Perro decided to continue his plans without them. In response, CMLL counted the debut show with a loaded Arena Mexico show of their own, at discounted ticket prices.

CMLL talked about their own show as just something extra for the fans, but also scheduled a large show for the following weekend in Guadalajara, an unusual event. That show ran against a lucha libre festival which had Perro Aguayo Jr. in the main event, making it clear CMLL is anxious to make things to tough for Perro for leaving them.


Cibernetico left AAA to join this group, announcing it by putting on a Perros del Mal t-shirt before making his exit at his final AAA television taping. This departure was intertwined with Cibernetico's character declaring he wanted no part of AAA after Konnan took control of it (in storyline). Given the timing and how the jump matches up with the storyline, many observers believe Cibernetico's presence in this promotion is simply an extension of the storyline and Cibernetico is still an AAA wrestler. Both Cibernetico and AAA completely deny they are still working together.

On Christmas, 2008, Damian 666 worked an AAA non-televised show in Tijuana as a replacement for Rellik. Though AAA has hinted at more, the Perros say no deal with AAA is coming, preferring their own independence.


New Wrestling Evolution has announced plans to run it's first show in Mexico in 2008. The advertised names include most of the names of the group, so there's obviously some plans of co-promotion.

First Show Results

  1. Dr. Markus & Gran Markus Jr. II b Bugambilia & Metal Boy
  2. Esther Moreno & Martha Villalobos b Ayako Hamada & Rossy Moreno
  3. Black Spirit, Súper Nova, Turbo b Black Thunder, Cerebro Negro, X-Fly
  4. Intocable, Rayman, Super Crazy b Damián 666, Head Hunter II, Mr. Águila
  5. Cibernetico, Dr. Wagner Jr., el Hijo del Perro Aguayo b Head Hunter I, LA Park, Olimpico

This was Cibernetico's first major since announcing his departure from AAA. Many other luchadors on this show had left either CMLL or AAA (or, in Super Crazy's case, WWE) in the prior year.