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Pandemia in 2018.
PANDEMIA in 2019.

PANDEMIA is a Chilean stable that currently wrestles in Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre. Pandemia currently consists in Dínamo, Red Quinzel and Vektor

The idea of PANDEMIA was born in 2008 in Federacion Nacional de Lucha Libre (FWN), when Dr. Morbo helped Dínamo to beat Bajo Cero in his debut match.

In 2010, with the jump to Chile Lucha Libre, PANDEMIA is established as stable where won the CLL Tag Team Championship.

At CLL Viva La Botch! in 2011, Sátiro was named new member of the stable. Dínamo, Dr. Morbo and Sátiro were regulars in CLL, until jumped to Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre in late that year.

Sátiro had a little involvement in XNL, until left the stable. Months later, Engel Röttenbich came to XNL and joined Pandemia. Short time after, the young wrestler from CEX, Oz was inducted in the reinforced stable.

After a while away from the cuadrilateros, PANDEMIA returns to action in 2018, this time with the entry of 2 new wrestlers, Red Quinzel and Vektor, which together with Dínamo regularly appear in various Chilean fighting groups reviving the "Dirty Style" that characterized them for a long time.





PANDEMIA as CLL Tag Team Champions
PANDEMIA as LWA Tag Team Champions
PANDEMIA in 2013
PANDEMIA Wallpaper 2019
PANDEMIA as GLL Tag Team Champions in 2019
PANDEMIA as XNL & GLL Tag Team Champions in 2019

Current: DínamoRed QuinzelVektor

Former: MussaEngel RöttenbichOzSátiroDr. Morbo