Mr. Anderson

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Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson
Name Mr. Anderson
Real name Ken Anderson
Nicknames Kamikaze, The Head Asshole in Charge, Mr. Money in the Bank, Asshole
Name history Kamikaze Ken, Ken Anderson, Ken Kennedy, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Anderson
Maestro(s) Rockin' Randy
Birth date, location March 6, 1976 - Mineapolis, Minesota
Obituary date
Debut, location September, 1999
Lost mask to
Height 188 cm/6' 2
Weight 112 kg/247 lbs
Signature moves Green Bay Plunge/Lambeau Leap, Kenton Bomb, Mic Check, Enziguri
Titles: ACW Heavyweight Championship (3), ACW Tag Team Championship (3) (w/Mike Mercury), ACW Television Championship, MAW Heavyweight Championship, NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship, NWE Heavyweight Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship (2), WWE United States Heavyweight Championship, XICW Tag Team Championship (w/Joey Padgett), UPCW Tag Team Championship (w/Big Daddy Loker)


One of TNA wrestlers, who came to AAA in 2010. Returned to Mexico in 2015 as a part of team TNA for the Lucha World Cup


doing his entrance