Marvel Lucha Libre Edition

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Marvel Lucha Libre Edition is a cross-promotion between Marvel Comics and AAA. It features luchadores that are based on Marvel characters. At several major AAA events in 2021 and 2022, exhibition matches were held between AAA wrestlers in these Marvel-themed gimmicks.




  • Terror Púrpura - based on Thanos. Portrayed by Brian Cage.
  • Venenoide - based on Venom. Portrayed by Taurus.
  • Picadura Letal - based on Black Widow. Portrayed by Sexy Star II.


Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: El origen de la máscara debuted on Disney Plus in 2023. It actually came into hot water with the Mexican government because its more fictionalised aspects (including that the rudos used performance enhancing drugs) gave lucha libre a bad name.