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A listing of where and when lucha wrestling shows air, broken down by country. This is a general guide to shows, where exact timeslots and content can vary from week to week.

Only currently airing shows are mentioned. Networks are listed in their primary country of origin. Discontinued shows have their own page.


Televisa (Galavision/Channel 9)

Both AAA and CMLL air on the Televisa family of channels. On National Channel 9 (also known as Galavision), CMLL airs on Saturdays afternoon, and AAA airs on Sunday afternoon. Both the exact times and lengths have varied over the course of the year. As of summer 2012, CMLL usually airs on Saturdays at 3pm for an hour, and AAA usually airs on Sundays at 3pm for an hour and a half.

In 2011, Televisa moved AAA to Saturday during NFL season, and frequently shortened both CMLL and AAA. It's unknown if this will repeat during the 2012 NFL season.

Televisa (Regional Networks)

Starting in late 2011, and in response to scheduling difficultly on the main network, AAA began syndicating a television show to Televisa affiliates. The time and day of the show varies depending on the town. This AAA on Televisa (Regional)AAA show runs two hours, a half hour longer than the main show, and also includes less commercial breaks. The content is similar to main AAA show, but may include matches which did not on the AAA on Televisa show, or longer versions of the same matches.

TVC Deportes

TVC Deportes, a cable network (504 on Cablevision in Mexico City) airs a variety of lucha libre shows.

Tercera Caida: their flagship lucha libre show, with highlights from all the major promotions and interviews with luchadors. Typically airs Tuesday nights.

Revolucionarios de IWRG: a weekly two hour IWRG broadcast, usually airing all but the opener from the previous Thursday night. Airs Sunday nights.

CMLL Puebla: a weekly broadcast of the previous Monday's CMLL Arena Puebla, with a slight emphasis on the local luchadors. The length of the show has varied over the years, and is currently 90 minutes. Sometimes vanished from the schedule.

Todos x el Todos (TV show): a periodic broadcast of the monthly Todos x el Todos show. Typically begins airing the week after the most

Many shows are repeated later in the week in the early morning hours. Some TVC Deportes programming, including most of the lucha libre shows, are repackaged on United States network TVC+ Latino.


Cadena3, a network based in Mexico City and syndicated thru Mexico, airs CMLL on Cadena3 an unnamed weekly Saturday night show at 7pm CT. The show airs two hours of the weekly Tuesday night CMLL taping, usually encompassing everything but the opening match.


Since late '05, CMLL Guerreros del Ring (GdR) on Canal 52MX. This station is available in both the United States and Mexico.

Guerreros del Ring is a one hour show, typically airing the two matches from the Sunday Arena Coliseo show (6 days after). It's air time has varied over the years. Currently, the new episode premieres Saturdays at 3pm ET, with many reruns in the following three days.

Fox Sports

CMLL airs a one hour show on this network. The day of the week, start time, content and even name of the show has varied since it's debut in 2006. It was originally called Guerreros del Ring, sharing the same name and look as the 52MX show. The Fox Sports became unnamed in 2011, corresponding with a change in production companies. The show originally aired matches from CMLL Sunday tapings (again, like the 52MX show), but switched to airing matches from Friday tapings in 2011.

(This should not be confused with the United States Fox Sports Deportes, which aired a different CMLL previously.)

AYM Sports

AYM's main lucha libre show is a one hour interview show called Sobre el Ring. Javier Llanes hosts the show and is often accompanied by Jaque Mate and various guests.

AYM's shown matches from a variety of promotions, most often single shows from small promotions. As of 2012, they seem to most often be airing shows from the Tinieblas Jr. led FULL promotion. AYM will reair the same shows many times over.


A weekly IWRG (Vibra TV)IWRG show airs on VibraTV on Sunday mornings starting in 2012. The channel, only available on Cablevision in Mexico City, appears to be leasing the time to production company CanalDVD, who is putting IWRG on the air. The show starts at 10 am CT, and runs 90 minutes, showing matches from the previous Sunday's show at Arena Naucalpan.

Multimedios Television

Multimedios, available both in Mexico and the United States, airs Noches de Coliseo, a weekly show of varying length with matches exclusively from Arena Coliseo Monterrey (which is owned by the network.) As of 2012, the matches are typically from the previous Sunday's show, though reruns and out of order matches are not uncommon.

Noches de Coliseo airs in two formats. It's primary airing is late Saturday/early Sunday morning, as a half hour show. The show also airs as a two hour show on Sunday afternoons, from 5-7pm. The Sunday afternoon show is often listed as Paid Programming in guides.

United States


CMLL and AAA have aired on Galavision (US), which is owned by Univision. CMLL, when it was known as EMLL, started airing in the United States prior to airing in Mexico. AAA debuted on Galavision within hours of it's debut show, and once aired on multiple days per week. The network has changed the days and promotions shown multiple times over the years. Originally, both groups were shown, but there's been periods where only AAA or CMLL have shown.

As of late 2011, Galavision is only airing CMLL shows. The shows air Saturday evenings for an hour, though the time can greatly vary and is secondary to any soccer commitments. The show is the exact CMLL show which aired earlier in the day in Mexico. Due to the differences in commercials between networks, the US show is required to wedge in two additional ad breaks per show.


A Los Angeles based Spanish language channel, rebroadcast as an additional digital channel in our networks, has aired a variety of CMLL programming over the last few years. Their current offering is a rebroadcast of the Cadena3 show. However, LATV frequently airs reruns and out of order.

CAN52MX/Canal 52/Multivision

See Mexico section.


CMLL's major shows air on Samurai TV. The shows usually air a month or so after they take place in Mexico. The shows are often of special interest to completest, as all the CMLL matches aired in one broadcast (instead of being scattered around to various networks as in Mexico), and opening matches missed entirely in Mexico may air on SamuraiTV.