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Los Oficiales , a knock off of Big Boss Man gimmick, have been a stable of the AAA and IWRG promotions as certain wrestlers have always kept the group alive since the inception of the promotion. The initial Oficiales group consisted of:

(There were also two generic members that showed up once in a while named Policeman I & Policeman II.)

That formation lasted a couple of years before Maniac Cop turned on the team and formed La Escuadron De La Muerte. After those teams were done feuding, Los Oficiales re-formed as the following group:

That group last another couple of years before the veterans - Oficial, Vigilante & Guardia - took on a reduced role to allow Cyborg to lead his new trio starting in 2005:

There is little to be said about that incarnation of Los Oficiales as they rarely teamed and when they did, they had little success. In 2006 Los Oficiales took on another new look:

The concept was relaunched again in 2007, starting at the May Lucha Libre Expo.

This is the current group of Oficials, suspected to be previously unmasked IWRG wrestlers, have been wildly successful since forming. In the beginning they feuded with former Los Oficiales Cyborg and Xibalba with "newcomer" Capitan Muerte as a new Escuadron De La Muerte. The new Los Oficials captured the Distrito Federal Trios Championship in July of 2007 and successfully defended it nine times, picking up the IWRG Intercontinental Trios Championship along the way. While they've since lost the DF Trios titles, they retain the IWRG championship and have established them as a semimain rudo group in IWRG and were voted as the top lucha libre group in many publications during their first years of teaming. The trio receded in a bit in stature after a couple years, but are still recognized as one of the best trios in the country and signature IWRG personalities. The trio wrestled on 2010 AAA TV taped in Arena Naucalpan, and have appeared on various smaller promotions.

In August of 2010 a new member was added to the trio, Oficial Marshal but disappeared after six weeks. He was list for the October 17th show and did not appear. A new Oficial interfered in Marshall's scheduled match, but never was named or seen again.

In 2011, another new Oficial was introduced, Oficial Spartans. The "Spartans" name was soon corrected to Spartan, but by any name, this Oficial had a different mask design then his partners. In October, Spartan was kicked out of the group and group went back to a trio. Later in the month, Spartans returned with a new Oficial (Oficial Rayan) attacking the old ones and introducing a new splinter group called Los Oficiales Elite.

Los Oficiales
Elite: FactorSpartanRayan
former: Marshal