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Los Bellos currently are

Former Members include

This group was formed after Alan Stone and Chris Stone left Los Guapos. At the time Super Calo had been helping Gran Apache in his feud with Billy Boy, but the feud cost Calo his mask. Calo split with Apache and briefly joined Los Guapos right before the big split.

Super Calo was one of a number of undercard wrestlers who left the promotion during the summer of 2008. Chris Stone received a minimal amount of TV appearances after Super Calo left in 2008, and hasn't appeared at all since then. He continues to work spot shows, infrequently, but the unit itself seems to be done.


The split with Los Guapos lead to a six man cage hair match, with (the much more popular) Intocable taking Chris Stone's place in the lead up. On November 30, 2007, Alan Stone beat Scorpio for his hair in that cage match.