Lady Tiger

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Lady Tiger
Lady Tiger
Name Lady Tiger
Real name
Name history Chikibaby (debut), Lady Tiger (current)
Family La Mano Negra (grandfather), La Mano Negra Jr. (father), Black Tiger (Puebla) (father in law), Black Tiger Jr. (husband)
Maestro(s) Black Tiger (Puebla), Black Tiger Jr.
Birth date, location Puebla, Puebla
Obituary date
Debut, location May 22, 2012
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Signature moves


Lady Tiger is a third generation wrestler from Puebla. She was always into sports, practiced any type. She represented Puebla in different disciplines when she was attending middle school, participating in all sport she could. When her father saw her affinity for sports, he invited her to train lucha libre. She took it as a hobbie rather than with respect, because she considered as something uncommon compared to what she practiced im that time, however she when she learned that she excelled in this sport her interest grew more and more. Her wrestling style is studying her opponents in order to find the proper techniques to win the match. She is skilled as técnica, but she is predominantly ruda.

Her first ringname came out when her father listened to a radio show whose host was nicknamed as La Chikibaby, he liked the name for his daughter because no one else had used in lucha libre. Her first mask was borrowed for her debut, she felt comfortable and decided to use it. She eventually made changes in her mask to make it look more feminine. Her first gear was improvised eventhough she liked and adapted then she modified it.

She went as Chikibaby until she got pregnant of her first son. Before making a comeback she prepared even more. When she married, she decided to adopt another identity. Black Tiger, her father in law allowed her to assume his mask design to be part of the Tiger Dynasty. She had wrestled in Puebla and surrounding states including Mexico City.


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