Lady Chicana

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Lady Chicana
Lady Chicana
Name Lady Chicana
Real name
Name history Lady Chicana
Family Sangre Chicana (father) Sangre Chicana Jr., Perseus, Sangre Imperial (brothers), La Hiedra, Lluvia (sisters), Herodes (uncle), Herodes Jr., Aguila Solitaria Jr. (cousins), Tabata (niece)
Maestro(s) La Hiedra, Kendor Jr., Mamba, Perseus, Sangre Chicana, Sangre Chicana Jr., Tigre Cota
Birth date, location June 15, ???? - Tamaulipas
Obituary date
Debut, location March 22, 2015 - Arena Nueva Brasil, Nuevo Laredo
Lost mask to
Signature moves

Lady Chicana is the youngest member of Chicana dynasty. She made her wrestling debut on March 22, 2015 in the Arena Nueva Brasil in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. She, teaming up with Bella Karina and Espantapájaros, defeated the trio of La Hiedra, Perseus, and Sangre Chicana Jr..