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Wikipedia:La Paz

La Paz is a resort town located in the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. It is the capital of the State of Baja California Sur, and has a population of 300,000 people (2006 est.).

It has one main arena, but the Estadio Arturo Carlos Nahl and Gimnasio Auditorio Jorge Campos are often sceneries for Lucha Libre.

Deportivo Corona with seating capacity of 2,000 attracts AAA and local fights. Located in Altamirano between Hidalgo and Constitución Streets. It is owned by a brewery it is roofless and has a soldered ring, yet it has received AAA and CMLL fights.

La Paz is the homeplace of several wrestlers like La Mole (La Paz), Infernal (La Paz), Vengador Águila, Murciélago (La Paz), Tigre Marino, among others.

There it is only one regular promotor running Lucha Libre, Cesar Zatarain, who brings AAA luchas to town once a month. There are some small promotors who bring luchas from Tijuana, and others run local luchas with local wrestlers in neighbourhoods like Camino Real.