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The LLF Extreme Championship is a professional wrestling championship managed by Lucha Libre Femenil. As of today, it's the oldest active championship in the promotion, having being introduced in 2003. The championship is generally contested in extreme/hardcore style matches.

Current Champion

Estrella Explosiva is the current champion. She defeated Princesa Maya on March 17, 2017 at the Arena Femenil in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon to win the championship.

History of Championship

The championship was introduced on December 13, 2013 at the LLF 3rd Anniversary show. LuFisto faced Princesa Sugheit in order to crown the promotion's first ever LLF Extreme Champion. LuFisto won the title belt and remained as champion until September 7, 2014 when she relinquished the championship to returned it back to LLF.

On November 6, 2015 at Arena Femenil, reigning LLF Champion Princesa Maya defeated LLF Extreme Champion Dark Fantasy in a Title vs Title Match to become first double champion.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
decision match to crown the initial champion
1 LuFisto Princesa Sugheit 2003.12.13 Vat-Kru Rock House - San Pedro, Nuevo León
1 Polly Star 2004.03.20 Deportivo El Castillo - Apodaca, Nuevo León
2 La Bruja, Luna Mágica, Nikki Roxx & Polly Star 2005.05.13 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
3 Luna Mágica 2005.06.24 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
LuFisto relinquished the championship on September 7, 2014
finals of 9-woman tournament to crown the new champion
2 Dark Fantasy Dark Magic, Princesa Maya & Sadica 2015.10.16 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
3 Princesa Maya Dark Fantasy[1] 2015.11.06 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
1 Ludark Shaitan 2015.12.04 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
2 La Bandida[2] 2016.03.11 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
3 Estrella Explosiva 2016.10.14 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
1 Estrella Explosiva[3] Princesa Maya[4] 2017.03.17 Arena Femenil - Monterrey, Nuevo León
1 Heroina
Dark Fantasy
2018.07.14 Estacionamiento de la Arena Monterrey - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
2 Sexy Sol 2018.07.15 Arena Valle Verde
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


  1. Princesa Maya put the LLF Championship on the line in a Title vs Title Match.
  2. La bandida he staked his career against the LLF Extreme Title of Princesa Maya; he lost La bandida, so he had to retire from professional wrestling.
  3. Estrella Explosiva Charges your opportunity that won in December 2016.
  4. Princesa Maya win match vs Maligna for the LLF Championship and being double champion for one night.

Gallery of Champions

LuFisto, 1st Champion
Dark Fantasy, 2nd Champion
Princesa Maya, 3rd Champion
Estrella Explosiva, 4th Champion