Konan Big

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Konan Big
Konan Big
Name Konan Big
Real name Eugenio Torres Villarreal
Nicknames El Pelo de Juliancito Bravo, Dora la Exploradora (because of his hair style), El Nuevo Rey Del Martinete
Name history Konnan Plus, Konan Big (current)
Family El Hijo de Konan Big (son)
Maestro(s) Mr. Lince
Birth date, location July 13, 1964 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Obituary date
Debut, location 2004 - Arena Coliseo de Monterrey
Lost mask to Spiderman - Feburary 22, 2004 - Arena Coliseo, Monterrey, Nuevo León
Height 185 cms/6'1"
Weight 91 kg/200 lbs
Signature moves Martinete, Throw opponent from second floor, handstand dive, Ludxor dive, Gorilla Press
Titles: FILL Heavyweight Championship (2), FILL Light Heavyweight Championship, FILL Middleweight Championship

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
04/01/18 mask Konan Big Latin Heart Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
04/02/22 mask Spiderman Konan Big Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
04/08/01 hair (1) Pato Zambrano Konan Big Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
06/03/?? mask (2) Konan Big Super Konnan Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
06/09/12 hair (3) Konan Big Pato Zambrano Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
06/10/03 hair (4) Konan Big Carola Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
07/04/23 hair (5) Konan Big El cachichurris Arena cuatro caminos - Nuevo laredo
07/05/15 hair Konan Big Sky Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
11/07/31 hair (6) Konan Big Simbolo Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
12/04/29 hair Konan Big Big Neurosis Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
13/07/14 hair (7) Ernesto Chavana Konan Big Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
(1) Zambrano is not a wrestler & Konnan Big never bothered to get any of his hair cut; (2) Triangle match w/ Pancho Tequila; (3) Triangle match w/ Diluvio Negro I; (6) Cage Match; (7) TV Star


Using a pescado when he was masked
piledriver to Poncho de Nigris
fighting Mayito
as FILL champ
Vs raton the clown

v Pato Zambrano
fighting Poncho de Nigris
las noches del futbol
vs pompo

y mira lo que traigo raza
konan big on volumen 2
w/ Regalito the Clown
w/ Electrico
singing on las noches del futbol

with Super Konnan's mask
on a cage vs Dulce Polly
With fans
with the fill championship

Konan big the champion
With carola's Hair
After lossing his Mask

Masked Vs Potro Jr.
Martinete to El Vagabundo