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Matanza Cueto
Matanza Cueto
Name Matanza Cueto
Real name Jeffrey Cobb
Nicknames Mr. Athletic, The Monster
Name history Jeff Cobb, Mr. Athletic, Matanza, Matanza Cueto
Maestro(s) Oliver John
Birth date, location 1982 or 1983, Honolulu, Hawaii
Obituary date
Debut, location June 4, 2009
Lost mask to
Height 178 cm/5'10"
Weight 84 kgs/185lbs
Signature moves Shooting Star Press, "Wrath of the Gods/Tour of the Islands" (swinging Powerslam), "Athleticplex" (sidewinder Backdrop Suplex), rolling Gutwrench suplexes, German Suplex, Powerbomb, Uranage
Titles: Lucha Underground Championship


Hawaiian born California wrestler who has worked dark matches for Lucha Underground. In season 2 he debuted as the masked monster brother of Dario Cueto, Matanza.


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as Matanza