Jay Lethal

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Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal
Name Jay Lethal
Real name Jamar Shipman
Nicknames Black Machismo, "The Greatest First Generation Wrestler in the World"
Name history Jay Lethal (debut - current), Hydro (ROH 2002 - 2004), Jamar Cunningham (H2W), J.R. Lethal (AWW), RPM (AWW)
Maestro(s) Mikey Whipwreck, Dan Maff
Birth date, location April 21, 1985 Elizabeth, New Jersey
Obituary date
Debut, location December 7, 2001
Lost mask to
Height 5'10"
Weight 225 lbs
Signature moves Hail to the King, Diving Dynamite, Figure Four Leglock, Dragon Suplex, Lethal Combination, Lethal Injection (Pumphandle Sitout Powerbomb), Lethal Combination(Belly-to-back suplex lift neckbreaker), Lethal Injection II, Tope Suicida (3 in succession)
Titles: JAPW Heavyweight Title (2 times), JAPW Light Heavyweight Title, JAPW Tag Team Title with Azrieal, JAPW Televsion Title, RoH Pure Title, ROH World Television Title, TNA World Tag Team Title with Consequences Creed, TNA X Division Title (6 times), ROH World Heavyweight Championship


Wrestled in CMLL's 2008 Grand Prix representing TNA. Debuted for Lucha Libre USA in May 2011.