IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Title Tournament, 1998

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In February 1998, the IWRG promotion decided to crown its first-ever Intercontinental Welterweight Champion by holding a 16 man tournament for the newly created belt.

All matches took place at Arena Naucalpan:

Block B was scheduled to include Ciclon Ramirez, Bruly, Moto Cross, Nemesis

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Oro Jr.    
 Dr. Cerebro        Dr. Cerebro    
 Judo Suwa      Judo Suwa      
 Bestia Rubia          Dr. Cerebro    
 Star Boy          Star Boy    
 Hipnosis        Star Boy  
 Elektra      Elektra        
 Crazzy Man          Dr. Cerebro  
 Shiima Nobunaga          Shiima Nobunaga  
 ?        Shiima Nobunaga    
 Mega Elektra      Mega Elektra    
 ?          Shiima Nobunaga  
 Fantasy          Rody    
 ?        Fantasy  
 Rody      Rody