El Hijo del Pantera

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El Hijo del Pantera
El Hijo del Pantera
Name El Hijo del Pantera
Real name
Name history Dinamita Kid (debut - 2009), El Hijo del Pantera (2009 -)
Family El Pantera (father), El Pantera Jr. (brother)
Maestro(s) Arkángel de la Muerte, Black Terry, Dragón de Oriente I, Dragón de Oriente II, Tino Herrera
Birth date, location December 18, 1991
Obituary date
Debut, location 2008 (earliest known match is on July 31, 2008 at Arena Naucalpan)
Lost mask to
Signature moves La Alejandrina, Plancha Suicida, Swanton Bomb
Titles: IWRG Intercontinental Tag Team Titles (w/El Pantera)

Most active around Queretaro and Arena Naucalpan, almost always working the same shows as his father early on. In 2012, he moved to Japan for an extended stay/training session with Wrestling New Classic, often facing Hajime Ohara. Came back to Mexico for a few months in late 2012 and early 2013, but returned again to Japan

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
13/10/31 Hair El Hijo del Pantera Masada Korakuen Hall - Bunkyo, Tokyo


Fusioned mask
with father, Pantera
2013 in Japan

International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) Championships
Active: Light (Águila Roja), Welter (Dr. Cerebro Jr.), Middle (Noisy Boy), Heavy (DMT Azul)
Tag Team (Cerebro Negro & Cerebro Negro Jr.), Trios (Arez, Látigo, Toxin)
Mexico (Hellboy), Junior de Juniors (El Hijo de Fishman)
Rey Del Aire (Noisy Boy), Women (Keyra)
Inactive: Super Welter
Tournaments: El Protector (El Hijo de Fishman & Tonalli), Rey del Ring (Vito Fratelli)
Related: Mexico State Trios Championship (Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr.), WWS Welter (El Hijo del Diablo)