Frank Wyatt

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Frank Wyatt
Frank Wyatt
Name Frank Wyatt
Real name Jeremy Fitch
Nicknames "The One Man Weapon Of Mass Destruction", "The Working Man"
Name history Doomsday, Frank Wyatt, Jeremy Fitch
Birth date, location United States
Obituary date
Debut, location December 3, 2011
Lost mask to
Height 194 cms/6'4"
Weight 171 kg/376 lbs
Signature moves Avalanche Splash, Falling Frontslam, Headbutt, Sidewalk Slam
Titles: IWAU Heavyweight Title, IWAU Tag Team Titles (3, once w/Cole James, Johnny Bigtime & Ray Leigh, twice w/Matt Maverick)

American wrestler who came to Mexico in mid-2014 to NGX. He arrived to manage teammates Alexander Rudolph and Jake Parnell as The Vikings.