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This is the most famous Falcón. Others have used the name Falcón


Name Falcon
Real name
Name history El Patriarca, Falcon
Family Indio Vitela (brother)
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location 1974
Lost mask to
Weight 75kg(1976)
Signature moves
Titles: Mexican National Tag Team Championship (w/Halcón 78)

Falcon is from Atemajac de Brizuela, Jalisco, Mexico and was trained by Diablo Velazco. He is said to have debuted in 1974 and started showing up in results at the end of 1976 as El Patriarca (The Patriarch). He wore a mask with a 6 sided star on it.

He won his first mask early in his career by defeating Rommel in a mask vs mask match on March 6th, 1977. He moved up the cards quickly, being in main events and semi main events by 1978. He challenged Javier Llanes for the Distrito Federal Light Heavyweight Championship on October 17th, 1978 but was defeated. He stayed with the gimmick into 1981 when El Patriarca disappeared and El Falcon started appearing.

The gimmick of Falcon had an interesting backstory. A popular lucha libre magazine named "El Halcón" wanted a mascot and held a contest for it in 1973. A wrestler named Danny Ortiz was selected for it and did well with it. There were said to be issues involving the use of the name and in 1977, El Halcon lost his mask. Not long after, a wrestler named Halcón 78 appeared and carried on the same gimmick. Soon after, his clone El Falcon was born.

The pair became regular partners in 1981 and were mostly a lower card act. They won the Mexican National Tag Team Championship but the details on the reign are unknown. They were sometimes put against various Villanos combinations, Escorpión I and Escorpión II, Rizado Ruiz and Rudy Reyna, various combinations of El Triangulo de la Muerte and others. The pair defeated a team known as Las Fieras for their masks on March 22nd, 1982.

Falcon competed in a tournament for the UWA World Welterweight Championship in May 1982 and fought Lobo Rubio in the semifinals for it, but did not seem to win. On January 23rd, 1983, Falcon defeated Dr. Muerte for his mask and on August 34th, he defeated Urko for his mask.

Falcon and Halcon 78 won the Cortijo Tag Team Championship sometime before 1984 and defended the title successfully against Kahoz and Loco Zandokan. Around this time, El Patriarca re-emerged. It is unclear who was under the mask but since he teamed with Falcon and Halcon 78, it does not seem like it was Falcon. He did not stick around for long though and the trio finished by 1985. The pair of Falcon and Halcon 78 continued into 1990 after more years in the midcard and lower card.

By November 1990, Falcon and Halcon were on different sides as one was a rudo and the other was technico. They met in a mask vs 5 million pesos apuestas match in 1991, but the money was won so no one had to unmask. Angel Mortal started becoming a partner of Falcon's as would wrestlers like Ricky Boy and Black Terry. The pair of Falcon and Halcon 78 were re-united in 1992, but were finished as a regular act in 1993 when Halcon 78 became Mexicano. Falcon continued on into 1995 but little is known of his career after.

After his career ended, he ran a gym/promotion called Gym Falcon.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
80s mask El Patriarca Bull Power Puebla
82/03/22 masks Halcón 78 & Falcón Las Fieras unknown
[1]83/01/23 mask Falcón Dr. Muerte Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
83/08/24 mask Falcón Urko Veracruz, Veracruz


as El Patriarca
as El Patriarca
as El Patriarca
as Falcón with Halcón 78
as El Patriarca
as El Patriarca
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as El Patriarca
as Falcón with Halcón 78
as Falcón with Halcón 78
as Falcón with Halcón 78
as El Patriarca

as Falcón with Halcón 78
as Falcón with Halcón 78
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